23 July 2006

today is Sporty Sunday :D haha. catch the alliteration. haha. anyway, swam at gareth's with fernie and ree! WHEEEE! hahahahaha! watch the rhyme! haha. anyway, the three of us have decided that we should work out every sunday! then study! maintain a healthy lifestyle pls! hahahaha! (hopefully we can sustain this) anyway, thank you gareth tan for opening the gate for us =) haha. anyway, AZA AZA FIGHTING FAN TONG AND NIAO LEI! we can do it! LOSE ALL THOSE "THINGS" which are meant to be GONE! hahahahhaa!

16 July 2006

finally common tests are over! so it's back to normal school timetable. hai, it's a happy yet sad thing. :X haha! but anyways! just came back from the YCS Tertiary Camp. anw, Ftired. slept at 5+am this morning. haha! cos we were playing The Memory Game and eating Macs. haha! wht a healthy lifestyle i must say. anyway, yupp gotta do bloodyPW! i think they should really just scrap PW. it's useless and definitely a TOTAL waste of time!!!! ARGH.

06 July 2006


Germany couldn't make it to the finals :(

but it's alright! can't wait for common test to be over. but on the other hand, i wish it'll not be over too. cos i only got to school TWICE this week :DDD shioks only. everyday just go chill out at huisuo. haha! we stocked up the huisuo with food like aunties! but cheers to the aunties! :D great aunty robbers! ;)

01 July 2006

germany is playing against argentina now! and i want germany to WIN!!!!!

and i want Brazil to win the WORLD CUP! :D

thank you! germany PLEASE beat argentina!