28 November 2007

haha! found this quiz thingy. looks pretty interesting so decided to give it a try :P

Are you Available?
- yupp

What is your Age?
- 18

What Annoys you?
- irritating people who think they're oh-so-cool and good

Do you live in a Big house?
- Nope

When is your Birthday?
- 11 September

Who is your Best friend?
- Fernie :))

What's your favorite Chocolate?
- Dark chocolate

Who's your Crush?
- HAHA! go ask any of my friends :P

When was the last time you Cried?
- just now. while watching The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog hahaha!

Do you Daydream?
- DUH!! who doesn't? ha!

What's your favorite kind of Dog?
- Golden Retriever!! i'll slap you if you don't know! haha!

What Day of the week is it?
- Thursday.

Have you ever been in the Emergency room?
- Nope.

Did you have a crush dat starts w/letter
- nope. not that i can remember.

Favorite Flower?
- sunflower!! :DD

Do you chew Gum?
- yahh?
Are you a Giver or a taker?
- half half lah. ;)

What's your Height?
- 161cm

what color is your Hair?
- black, but my ends are brown? HAHA!

What's your favorite Ice cream?
- strawberry cheesecake!

Hav e you ever Ice skated?
- YUPP!! :))

Do you play an Instrument?
- yesss.

What's your favorite Jelly bean?
- no preference.

Have you ever heard a really hilarious Joke?
- yah duh!

Do you wear Jewelry?
- yes of course!

Who do you want to Kill?
- it would pretty scary if i actually have a name in mind :\

Do you want Kids?
- yupp, why not?

Where did you have Kindergarten?
- near Kovan :) Catholic Kindergarden

Whats your favorite Movie?
- WOW, this is a tough one. i have plenty. chick flicks to sci-fic. well, but i must say my all-time favourite must be Hot Chick

Do you still watch disney Movies?
- ya duh! i TOTALLY love Disney! :) just caught Enchanted.

Do you like Mangoes?
- yupp!! i love all fruits actually. haha!

Do you have a Nickname?
- yes, like LOTS of them :X

What's your favorite Number?
- 7

Do you prefer Night over day?
- it depends, i used to like the day, but now i quite like night. HAHA.

Whats your One wish?
- to find my true love. HAHA!!

What one fear are you most Paranoid about?
- being lonely.

What's a Personality trait you look
for in the opposite sex you like?
- sense of humour?

Are you Quick to judge people?
- hmmm, sometimes? but i usually still give chance for change of opinion.

Do you watch Reality tv?
- YESSS! just watched Amazing Race :)

Do you prefer sun or rain?
- haha! no preference. depends where i am and what i'm doing.

Do you like Snow?
- yupp!

- Autumn

What Time is it?
- 0015

What time did you wake up?br>- 0910

What's the worst veggie?
- celery.

Where do you want to go on Vacation?
- America and Europe!

What's your Worst habit?
- haha! can't think of any :S

Have you ever had an X-ray?
- nope

Do you own a xylophone?
- Nope, but i wouldn't mind having one :P but actually i prefer a vibraphone :)) my SYF instrument!!! :(((

Do you like the color yellow?
- not bad. depends how bright it is. but i prefer orange actually :)

What Year were you born in?
- 1989

What's one thing you Yearn for?
- true love

Whats your Zodiac sign?
- Virgo :D

Do you believe in the zodiac?
- what you mean believe? i do like reading horoscopes but don't exactly follow whatever it says. they're more like guidelines. haha!!

alrighty, so that is the "short" quiz. takes pretty fast to do :) anyway, was looking at all my old photos just now. i just LOVE to look at old photos. haha. all those memories :(( see how people change. wahhh, look at how those boys turn into men. HAHAH! and all those funny things they did. in fact, i kinda miss studying for Os. cos i think that time of life was actually very fun and fulfilling too. cos it's the company that matters :)

here's a peek at how our boys turned into men. :P not exactly very man-ly now. but srsly, they were soooo boyish last time. haha!

This was after they watched Quidam. haha!

okay, i think this is enough. there're MANY MANY photos man. i have about 400 photos. haha!! okay, and i should go sleep too. then tmr can finish my show!! :)) last disc!

21 November 2007

woohoo! so yesterday was day of liberation! :DD but somehow... i didn't feel as liberated as others like Felicia. hehe, i figured that maybe it's cos i've been pretty relaxed throughout the A level period. haha, adding to that i've already self-proclaimed end of As after Econs paper. and yesterday's physics paper one is somewhat my worst paper ever in As. :S so yeah. wasn't that happy. but yeah, at least the thought of NO MORE studying kinda excites me. and SOOO many other things waiting for me to do. and ZOMG!!! sooo looking forward to Phuket trip with The Usuals :DDD hopefully we really can go man!!! ahhhhh. we were supposed to go on a cruise trip after Os and it never came true :\ so yeah. now that we're 18! we better go overseas together! before our poor Ronald Chan go be an army boy.

anyway, yesterday was pretty fun. immediately after the paper, Felicia and I went to the driving centre to book our driving lesson and theory test. WOOHOO! it's really exciting. and it's a good thing that parents are there :P anyway, met Donavan coincidentally. hehe, CONGRATULATIONS Donavan! for passing your driving test! :) so after registering, we head on down to Marina Square for SHOPPING!!! FEASTING! AND MOVIE!! :DD gosh. havn't caught a movie in like 193474 years :\ haha, so we watched Stardust. i must say it's pretty good. so exciting at some parts we were cuddling together and squealing together. haha. and the guy is hot man. hehe. so before that we ate our fill at Cafe Cartel and shopped around. i didnt buy anything yesterday cos i was too lazy to try on clothes due to the many layers i was wearing. SO, i'm gonna head back down today/later with dear Fernie to grab some stuff! :)) woohoo! life after exams is SERIOUSLY heavenly :))

okay, so after the movie we continued to shop somemore, had dinner at Subway, went to Esplanade to catch some Indian classical music. and goshh... we realised we actually miss MEP :((( it's kinda thanks to MEP for my points :P so yes, and it was pretty fun learning about Indian, Latin American, Japanese, Chinese, African music and Prokofiev's works. OH GOSHHHH. those days when we blast Prokofiev's Classical Symphony in our heads for a gazillion times just to memorise every single detail. HAHAHAHA.

anyway, came home to watch Just My Luck. gosh lah, got so pissed watching it on Peekvid. :\ not gonna talk about it. so yes, being determined, i pulled myself outta bed at like 0845 today so i can practise violin before i head to town. :) and ahhhh! i just remembered, SN strings are having the time of their lives in Tokyo, Japan now. AHHHHH!!! and it's ALL PLAY, NO WORK! stupid Na still purposely remind ytd before they flew off, just to make me jealous :P anyway, it's their well-deserved reward for their hard-earned Gold with Honours. so yes, ENJOY YOURSELVES!!!

speaking of GWH. ahhh, makes me miss band pracs and band camp last year :((( oh gosh, i actually miss those super tiring moments when we're already so tired from moving all those instruments from SAJC to SAS then to SAJC hall again :\ haha, but seriously, no matter how tiring those times were, I always feel a sense of achievement and satisfaction at the end of everything. and YES! my motto is never wrong, HARD WORK PAYS OFF! :DD our darlingest Gold with Honours

some people may think ayee, it's SAJC band what. so GWH comes naturally, but seriously! there's no such thing as NATURALLY. it's plain hard work + sweat + blood (cos of injuries due to moving instruments) haha! so yes. hmmmm, hopefully my some-what hard work for As will pay off too :)

alrighty, i'm actually blogging so much cos fernie changed the meeting time to a later time. hehe. so yes. anyway, should get going now. bye bye!

16 November 2007

HAHAH! i'm so happy i made myself a shuriken!!! hehe, in case you're wondering what the hell is a shuriken. it's a type of weapons used by ninjas in Naruto. HAHAHAHA. and it's pretty cool!! i mean this is the first time i succeeded in making paper origami just by looking at instructions. HAHA. in case those Naruto fans wanna learn, you can learn how to make a Kunai even. this is so exciting! what a thing to start my day. :))) hehe. okay lah, shall go back to my physics -.- but at least i'm satisfied now :DD heehee. show you Ber's shuriken :P

haha! it really feels damn shiok to be in the post-exam mode. when actually exams are not exactly over yet :P haha, but well, i guess one day of relaxation won't kill. (just trying to forget about how bad As was :\) anyway, i've already wasted my whole day watching Deathnote :PP hehe. started from episode 12 and finished the entire series! so proud of myself. haha. can't wait to chiong all the other shows after As! :)) and it's SAJC Openhouse this saturday! can't wait to hear how our dearest juniors are doing. hehe. anyway, time to rest my eyes. they're drainnnned. :X

08 November 2007

hello hello! sorry for my absence. haha. nothing interesting to blog about anyway. since the start of As. i suppose everybody taking As will say the same thing. the papers are pretty :\\\\\ haha. oh well, but we gotta remain optimistic!! and if you're feeling down now. maybe you should watch THIS

i hope it'll cheer you up a little? and AZA AZA FIGHTING!!! it's only less than 2 weeks away from FREEEEDOM! wooohoo!! what is two weeks compared to two arduous years? hehe. ;)