31 December 2006

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this is pretty interesting but the thing is,i SUCK at chemistry! and i don't take biology. but being a marine biologist used to be my dream. haha! cool!

30 December 2006

just had a percussion stayover at jasmine's house yesterday. and also a Goh YauYau outing. Which turned out to be praadta minus jean plus sylvia and melody :( cos jean couldn't come back yesterday. :((((

anyway, totally love the girls! missed those times we had in St Nicks. spent our night eating, laughing, bitching, and talking. and doing fun stuff like these

thank you praadta for being there! and thanks for all the fun times we had! so sad the full Goh YauYau couldn't come. but it's alright! we have plenty of chances next time! so yeah!

anyway, after eating at pizzahut, we went for a little snack shopping. then i went back to jasmine's house.

WOW! yesterday was my FIRST time ever SHOPPING and PREPARING bbq food. cos when i was MUCH younger you just got to go to a BBQ party to EAT. then when you're a little older you help BARBEQUE the food. now you gotta shop and marinate the food too. but i sure had fun tearing aluminium foil :D i've become a pro at it okay! even though they still crown me the tai-tai. cos while everybody were waiting for the chicken wings and fish fillet to taw, i went to sit on the massage chair. haha! but anyways, i helped out okay. even though i didn't eat the bbq food. but i still got to eat the stingray, chicken wings and sotong today :D after we woke up at like 11+? haha! actually we slept relatively early this stayover compared to other stayovers cos we couldn't play mahjong! :( and we've got NO bridge! :( but nevertheless, we had unlimited among of entertainment brought by my new brother, Dominic Goh. he totally cracked us up with his lameness and clumsiness. HA! and suddenly at 3am, we were all feeling hungry so Becca and I started snacking on all the titbits Jas bought from Malaysia. haha! then talked a little more, then ZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

anyway, can't wait for Deathnote2 later! meeting Fernie, Desiree, Alvan, Gareth, Dickson, Clovie, Donavan and Edmund for the show at cine later. :DDDD okay, now i better go rest.


26 December 2006

Christmas Eve
woke up late because i went for sunset mass on saturday.
went online, wrote cards.
bathed, went Vivo City to meet Fernie, Ree, Dickson, Eeshan, Alvan.
brought Fernie and Ree to Carol Jie Jie's house.
we ate our fill.
Iggy and Andrew came to join us at 10+pm.
They ate their fill too. (haha!)
Dad drove us to Holy Trinity Church to meet up with the rest, who consists of Denise, Clovie, Donavan, Dickson, Edmund, Wan Jin, Benjamin.
attended midnight mass. i must say Holy Trinity's atmosphere is definitely livelier than Nativity. Nativity is sort of more traditional.
after mass we intended to walk to Denise's house, but after we reached Tampines MRT, we realised we do not want to have supper. So Fernie, Eeshan, Donavan and I took a cab back bcos my feet was aching like hell.
rested at Denn's house. played with Rusty, which Iggy will insist he's called BerBer. HAHA!
while waiting for the rest to WALK back, Fernie and Eeshan were having fun wearing everybody else's clothes. started off with Fernie wearing my dress then Eeshan wore Fernie's. then, Fernie wore dickson's clothes while Eeshan wore my dress, then Eeshan tried Dickson's! haha, it was quite hilarious. i was just too lazy to join in the fun so just took photos for them.
after a while, Alvan came to join us. and subsequently, the rest all came back. and we had the gifts-exchange :D
played Bridge, ate cookies baked by Donavan, watched Liang Po Po, and halfway i fell asleep...

Christmas Day
woke up at Denn's, talked, ate peanut butter cookies, watched Benchwarmers.
the rest woke up, went to have lunch at KFC at East Point.
took train to Tampines to take bus 72 to my house.
played mahjong with Benjamin, Dickson, Eeshan, then came Donavan who came to advise me. then he finally couldn't resist the temptation he took Ben's place to play. i lost like $4.30 in the game lah! =( but nvm, thankgoodness we only played with chips. :)
Amos Junior joined us too. while they o2jammed, we mahjonged.
my Dad drove all of us to Carol Jie Jie's house for dinner. we went sandwiched like some sardine in the car, but thankgoodness it was only a short ride.
ate our fill again. had homemade pasta, chickenwings, nuggets, lotsa tidbits, some bacardi and nite, played Bridge, Dai Dee, Memory Mahjong.
went home at almost 11pm.

Boxing Day
woke up at 12pm :)
ate brunch, came online :)
opened all my presents last night, so nothing much to open today. haha!
shall practise violin later.
not planning to go out today :) shall stay home to be a good girl :DDD

alright, nice christmas this year! the only thing is... it can't seem to stop raining. :( but nevertheless, i had a fun and joyful christmas thanks to all my dearest friends and juniors :) domo arigato gozaimasu! which means thank you very much! :D


23 December 2006

had a praAdta gathering at my house on thursday night :D met up with my darhlings, Clar, Yi and Cuis :) even though it wasn't a very long gathering, we still had fun :DD watched Brother Bear with 3 of them. then cuis and yi left. so left clar and i to watch Kungfu Hustle. that cuis arh, always so deprived of childhood. haha, didn't even catch Brother Bear while i watched if for the fourth time or sth. haha! but nevertheless, she enjoyed it! :DD and haha, too bad i fell asleep while watching kungfu hustle. cos i was really too tired. :S after going back to school EVERYDAY except monday for this week :\

anyway, here are some of the fun stuff we did. haha!

band had an exchange with SMU today. WOW! i tell you, SMU is FREAKING COOL! they're like DAMN high tech. take lift also must tap card. and they have the mrt like entry thing! hahaha. and underpass like MRT! haha, but too bad, i've never thought of going to SMU. so yeah. but it's definitely cool.

oh, anyway, yesterday Bestie got me a bear from Build A Bear! she's called Cuddles! she's really adorable! and yesssss! THANK YOU DEAR for that christmas present! and lotsa of other people who gave me cards and presents too :)

anyway, tomorrow's christmas eve already. so now i would like to wish everyone a early MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

19 December 2006

wahhh, today can be claimed as the SIANNEST day of my life. moved ALL the percussion instruments. and i must stress on the word ALL, to SAS hall from SAJC band room. and worst thing is in the pouring rain :S just kill me k. we had to wrap our instrumets with garbage bags so they end up looking like that.

but thankgoodness there's stuff like this

which makes a whole day of tireness worth it :D and thank you junjie, colin and yimei and all the SAS kids who helped us move :)

18 December 2006

class chalet was fun cos of stuff like that

gabriel and leonard acting cute

jinyu deeply in thoughts of winning

leonard drawn all over the face by lipstick

the mahjong kahkees

whatever's left of 06S24 at the chalet :D

more other photos to upload. havn't receive them though. stay tuned :)

17 December 2006

had YCS caroling yesterday. came to stay at Bestie's last night. watched american pie 5 and slept at 4+am. woke up at 11am, supposed to go jurong swimming complex. but cos of certain reasons, bestie and i didnt go. but it's alright. had a great time chatting with zhiqi while bestie is in dreamland. haha.

came across this

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Get Your Sexy Name

cool shit.

15 December 2006

i had a VERY busy but fruitful week =) so far, i've been busy with class and band :DDD

Monday - Wednesday (morning)
Class chalet at NSRCC
it was really quite fun. though we spent most of our time indoors, playing mahjong, Xbox, card games, eating, talking, slacking. haha! i won like 80cents from mahjong over the two days. haha! swam on the 2nd day morning. got a nice tan :DDD swam with sylvia and yilyn. then came back, slacked, mahjong-ed. until evening time. Mr Fong, Ms Faizah, Ms Suzie, Mr Quek and his gf came for the BBQ. BBQ started quite late thanks to the rain. but nevertheless, it was a success. food was GREAT! haha, though we had lotsa leftover. that night we played silent heartattack. haha! but the most fun thing about it was chasing leonard around the WHOLE bungalow. HAHA! clar and i literally CORNERED him. and "forced" him to play with us. cos the forfeit was to be drawn on the face with lipstick. haha! you should have seen his face. HAHA. million-dollar face. anyway, it wsa quite a tiring job chasing he, darryl and gabriel around. haha! anyway, clar came back from australia that night at like 12am? haha, while i was halfway through mahjong with rachel, yuting and yilyn. haha. then she came and joined us. :) anyway, stayed up till very late those few nights. next day left at 10 cos of band CIP in the evening :S

went home, slept from 1-245pm then bathed, went out. band CIP was rather slack. haha! cos my section had a REALLY long dinner at MOS burger at Toa Payoh. haha. SIMPLY too tired to flag. so yeah, flaged for i think half an hour. went to have dinner at about 6+pm. ate and talked till 2030 then flagged till 2045 and headed back to Somerset MRT. haha. :D

then waited for like half an hour for my dad to come fetch me to YCS campsite :X my legs were like dying. finally came at 2150, reached at 2220. wan hui ended by the time i reached there :( nvm. went out for supper with fernie bestie, alvan and gareth :D had punggol nasi lemak :) it was great! then slowly walked back to the campsite after buying stuff from cheers. then spent the reflection time at the dinning area talking cock and playing card games. haha!

slept at the function hall at about 4+. GOSH! was totally freezing under my towel. haha. but went back to the girls' dorm at 7+. thankgoodness. well, anyway, i should say this is the SLACKEST YCS camp i've EVER been to. haha. i didn't even attend any spiritual sessions or anyway sessions. haha! slept through the afternoon on thursday. only woke up just in time for the last sing-a-long song and photo taking :DDD wheee! hahaha. but i don't regret going for the camp lah. even though it's only for such a short while. and i didn't really learn much from it. besides the "i tell you something." HAHA!

went Chomp Chomp at night for dinner with the kids, bestie, wan jin, ree and many many others. haha, saw Jonathan Leong!!! haha. but i couldn't stay too late :X cos there's Band Workshop today :\

woke up at 7am just to go school. workshop was :X ended like 1hr plus late. was TOTALLY late for our combined section outing. haha. made SPS wait for like damn long. then took DAMN long to decide where to eat. GOSH! guys are even worse than girls can? finally decided to eat at Seoul Garden cos most people were starving! i tell you, the st pats were totally amazed at the size our SAINTS' appetite. haha, especially Moses'! hahaha! anyway, went bowling after that. haha! thanks to moses, i bowled for free! haha, at first i was pretty lucky. striked twice in a row! but after dominic touched my 8pounds ball all my luck were gone =( hahaha! but it's alright. we still had fun. then we took photos, went home. while some of them went to have dinner! oh gosh! i just can't squeeze anymore food in lah! hahha! anyway, i think i gotta hurry go write my christmas cards! tata!

09 December 2006

WOW! i just woke up at 10pm. slept from 3-10pm. cos i just came back from torture camp man. HAHA actually it was band camp. but TRUST ME. it's just as bad. carrying timpanis, marimba, xylophone, vibraphone, auxiliary instruments, drumset and a almost 40kg luggage from SAJC to SAS band room, to SAS hall, back to SAJC bandroom, then SAJC hall is sure NO EASY feat. :S now i have like at least TWENTY freaking blue-blacks on all my limbs. :X hai, i looked like i have been ill-treated in the past six days can?

anyway, thanks to the percussionists, i managed to survive through this. :D all thanks to small things like these

some cow known as ganesh came on quite a few days to help us out here and there. give us tips and also to kajiao us. haha! this cow is like one of the oldest alumni member you can find in SAJC band. who still hangs around SAJC band. and doesn't fail to pop by to check on our practice. haha! and SAJC percussionist absolutely loves this cow who will drive us out to Macs for food in the middle of the night. haha! THANK YOU GANESH! :D

this is something really interesting. the sleeping bag on the left is mine, while the one on the right is zhiqi's. haha! and OH MY, are they TWO WORLDS apart or what? haha! i think i can totally fit mine into hers? haha! all these small things really make our day. haha. and i will never forget all the jokes that we crack while carrying the OH-SO-HEAVY instruments, all the laughter we shared, the "bombings" while showering, the tribal dance we had, our "slacking" times during technical studies, our late nights stargazing and talking, BLAH BLAH BLAH. so many i can't even remember. ALL i remember is PERCUSSION rocks! okay! no matter HOW MANY obstacles stand before, UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL. okay? like what moses said, one get stabbed, everybody go get stabbed. HAHAHA!

anyway, next week is a busy week for me too. class chalet, band CIP, YCS camp, band workshop, YCS carolling. HAI. another TIRING weeek. anyways, i shall go hibernate soon.

03 December 2006

had Suki Sushi with Clar, Gretel, Jun on thursday. it was SUPPOSE to be a class outing you see. HAI.

after eating our fill, i went home. bathed, changed, picked sylvia up and went all the way to Aloha Changi for Band Chalet. spent the night, playing Xbox, bitching, eating, playing cards, playing animanal game, playing some decorate the gingerbread man game. :X haha! but the most fun part was when we left in Mychelle's dad's cab for the airport at 0530 so that we can grab a bite then take the earliest bus home to SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP LIKE A PIG :DDD

and yes, after warming ourselves up in the freezing cold airport with a hot cup of milo, we took bus home. i slept THROUGH the entire ride of bus 27. only woke up when it almost reached hougang interchange. then changed bus 74 hm. then SLPT till 1430. woke up, went to Orchard MRT to collect fernie's underwater camera. woah, if not for that i would have continued sleeping i tell you!

came home, had dinner, read harry potter, fell asleep while reading, bathed, watched tv, slept till 0630 today. haha!

if not for our "CIP" i wouldn't even wake up that early. :\

reached school at 8, waited for the grand arrivals of our guests-of-honour. haha! our dearest SAJS kids. goshh! i tell you they can SURELY be rascals man. almost vomited bloody while teaching them today! firstly, their concentration span is seriously VERY SHORT. they can just suddenly run off to somewhere else when you're explaining something to them. secondly, they're quite disastrous. Ee Ter sort of broke our temple block mallet; Eric and Shen Hao keeps running around and start banging on ALL our percussion instruments. :X though that will be ALL of them who did it. Razsmy is the guai-est in my section already. bcos he only sits there to play the drumset. and not run around like some monkey.

but all in all, this is a good experience. it made me appreciate SAJC band even more. and it taught me something quite valuable; which is how difficult it is to be a mother, let alone a GOOD mother. and also i'll NEVER become a teacher in a Primary Boys' school. haha!

anyway, i gotta go. gotta rest well before i shang4 lu4 on monday. haha. and btw,

HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY Chuan Yang!