31 May 2007

had Suki Sushi buffet today :) and took the LOOONGEST bus ride in my ENTIRE life (in Singapore) :\ haha. but it was fun ;) the LOOONG bus ride ended up at Bukit Merah so went to visit my Bestie :DD oh wells, okay. to confess, it was kinda "planned" cos we did know where the bus will end up. hehe. just didnt know it'll take sooooo freaking long. haha. but well, taking bus "aimlessly" is really a great way to kill time. haha! everyone should try it!

so to conclude, my thursday was a happy day!

details will be up, when i'm free and depending on my mood next time.

right now, my bed is calling out to me. haha! cos i have to be in school by 9am tmr! gosh, what kinda holiday is this man? :P


27 May 2007

finally went swimming with Fernie today! haha, feels GREAT! :DD though actually we didn't swim much. it's the catching up and company that rocks! haha. that pantat woke up late. she woke up half an hour AFTER the time we were suppose to meet. but thankgoodness, for my LOOONG mass thanks to Fr Tay. haha i didn't have to wait at the busstop like an idiot. anyway, went for lunch with my family first then went home. and still had time to laze around before picking her up from hougang interchange. haha! it just shows how freaking far Bukit Merah is from Hougang. haha!

after picking her up from Hougang Interchange, went over to Gareth's house. haha, it has been SOOO long since we went there. but his room hasn't changed abit, other than maybe it got messier? :P and the disgusting orange, ultra-dusty carpet has been removed from his room. haha! and the addition of many many trophys and awards of which some do not belong to him. haha! so while we were swimming Mr Gareth Tan was just wasting his beautiful sunday afternoon away by sleeping? gosh. haha.

after the swim, went to shower than hung around his room for a while. watch him play his (boring looking) computer game while fernie and i talk. hehe. left at 1720 cos Mr Tan has to go church. haha!

anyway, i'm so proud of myself :) finally packed ALL my papers and notes into the different files. hehe. YES! i've really gotta study HARD this hols. must enjoy AND study at the same time. hehe. more of the study, i hope. :D

24 May 2007

CONGRATULATIONS to the Saints Bowling Team! :D

our Boys have fought well and retain their champion position :DD our Girls fought hard and well too and achieved Third! goodness, the game was DAMN exciting! especially at the end when there was only AC and us left, with RJ by the side (in their own world). haha! well, it was terribly amusing to see all their "striking" poses. haha! especially Leonard. so yes! Congrats to Leonard, Darryl and Hoyun! 06S24 loves you all! and we'll always support you all! oh, and congrats to Leonard for being chosen to represent Team Singapore Schools in the upcoming competition.

on a not so happy note, our Boys soccer team lost to VJ, BUT NVM GUYS! i'm sure you all have fought VERY hard and persevere right till the end! :) our Girls hockey team lost to VJ too :( but PRESS ON SAINTS! as long as you've all played your best. you can live with no regrest :]

and also to guys of 06S24 who took part in the inter-class street soccer competition! don't be too upset k! :)) even though you all may not have won, in my heart you guys are GREAT! and as long as you all had fun together, it doesn't matter at all if you guys have gotten the title, or $60 pizza voucher. ;)

to Fernie, Bestie! i miss you so much!!! hurry sail your way home now!!! can't wait to see you again, talk to you, go shopping with you, watch movie with you. though we got to study :X but oh wells, thanks for being my listening ear whenever i'm down. YESS! think POSITIVE is the way of life! and i will PRESS ON okay. :)) no matter how hard it is. :\ i love you friend! must hurry come back and share your interesting stories about your cruise trip with me k! hehe ;))

19 May 2007

wahh! i finally can blog :DDD hehe, sry that the SYF post is so lag :\ donno why i couldn't publish it for the past week. -_____-

nevertheless, better late than never :DD hehe. so yeah! sorry to keep you waiting!

anyway, ahhhhh! finally endured this LOOONG and tortorous and stressful week. firstly, we had Physic SPA and Geog Test on thursday, Math Lect Test on friday and just went back to school this morning for Physics Mock BT2 :X goshh. at least it's over now. :) heehee. can't wait to go back for Guitar Concert later! anyway, Kylie, dont worry k! just ENJOY yourself! anyway, concerts are for you to have fun! and the fun thing about performing arts is that you must always enjoy the music you perform for others :))

alrighty, yay! i'm happy agn! cos i can blog blog blog. haha!


sorry for this belated msg cos i didn't come online the past few days. and anyway, i couldn't blog. haha! anyway, good thing you're 18 now! i still have 4 months to go :( and yilyn! hope you liked your pleasant surprise! :)) and of cos we won't forget your birthday! 06S24 NEVER forgets anybody's birthday k! :]


that is what we are made of and smell of now! we emanate success the minute we walked onto stage. there was no fear in me. probably because we had SO many rehearsals and performances there. i walked onto stage right after i came out from the toilet. haha. it was the "Arsenal" feeling. :)

anyway, now that we've kinda officially end our band journey, i'm starting to miss band :( it's like after all these late night practices, reaching home earliest at 10pm. it was like the peak, and suddenly it drops to zero :X goodness. hope we get to perform at Presentation Night man!! never felt so bonded to my section before. partly cos last time there were only 2 people in my level from my section. so we were THAT bonded. but now, SEVEN of us. and went on Perth trip together somemore. those times were tiring but REALLY fun :D even though we spend most of the time packing and unpacking and moving heavy instruments. but think it was all worth it =]

anyway, wanna thank alot of people for the success of our SYF :) firstly, our beloved conductor, Mr Glosz. without him i don't think we can ever get so far. then thanks to Mr Benjamin Yeo and Mr Maroy Heng for their guidance and advice too. not forgetting our seniors who come back and help us so often, teaching us and improving our techniques and sound. :D THANK YOU! and of cos my dearestest section mates! and here's a short shout-out to you guys!

To all Gold with Honours Percussionists
Zhiqi:HELLO! your high pitch laughter and acting never fails to send us to laughing fits. haha! i'm definitely gonna miss you and yingjia's acting! thanks for teaching me too! and your encouragement! YESSSS! they were wrong to look down on us(all girls percussion section)! :P haha! we've finally proven them wrong! anyway, you take care and stop ponning school k! study hard for CT! :) don't worry we still can go out okay! just msg or call me! :))

Sylvia: HELLO Ms-Stoner! you've been a GREAT SL k! even though you keep doubting your ability to lead. see you've lead us to clinch a Gold with Honours know! :DD thanks for your encouragement and faith in me too! thanks for teaching me how to play gently and how to have lighter strokes. haha! anyway, gonna miss talking to you! let's all work hard for As now like how we worked hard for SYF! :) but must meet up next time k! :]]

Yingjia: Hello Crash-Queen! hehe, you've improved SOOO much since i first knew you. now you've officially become our Crash Queen! shall always rmb funny jokes and songs that you always sing. admire how you never fail to link stuff that we're saying to old songs. haha! and will never forget you chilli padi! haha! alright, all the best for As! i'm sure you can do it you 7-pointer :P

Wanling: Hello! you did it for Safari! :) so proud of you! yesss! our safari rocked okay! anyway, thanks for always helping becca and i listen out to our figure 28 and 10 and giving us comments to help us improve :) all the best for As! must study hard okay! work as hard as how we did for SYF!!

Rebecca: HELLO Ms Bells! haha! we did it!!! we finally did a B E A UTIFUL job for figure 28! after many practices. hehe. gonna miss those times when we work sooo hard together :) but nevermind! i believe we still can meet up. and i believe we will still be able to work as a section for Pres Night :D alrighty, rmb to study hard for CT k! :))

Jasmine: HELLO! WE DID IT! you did it too! your drag. haha. anyway, must work hard for BT2 k! let's all work hard for As like how we did for SYF!! hopefully we can work together again for Pres Night :)) alrighy, you take care arh! thanks for your jelly man! it was really nice! :]

anyway, since today is a very special day. of cos i cannot forget a very special someone! My MOM of cos! without her i'll go hungry every night i return from late night practices. cos she ALWAYS make sure i have food the minute i sit at the dining table after i've showered. :) and she prepares breakfast every morning to make sure i have energy to last me through the day. and occassionally there'll be chicken essence for important days like May 11 :D so THANK YOU MOM! and HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY! bought her a Guess watch to return her love for me. hehe, cos she lost her watch recently. could see that she's really happy to receive a gift from me. haha!

anyway, if i missed out anybody, i'm sorry! but just a BIG THANK YOU to all those people that have supported, helped me and believed in me throughout this whole period! it was definitely not an easy journey. i so wanted to give up a few times. but i PRESSED ON! and yesss! i need that kinda motivation to last me through the rest of this year! A levels' like only months away and i realise i've got LOTS to catch up on. so yessss! i needa be ENTHU and MOTIVATED man! oh yah! how can i forget? to thank God! i believe that i wouldn't have walked through this gruelling journey and period without his guardian and strength :) so thank you Lord, for answering my prayers :DD

alrighty, another thing that made me VERY happy is the success of my Strings juniors! really LOVE them and am sooo proud of them! St Nicks Strings has improved TREMENDOUSLY ever since i left. and under Na's leadership and many other capable section leaders, SN strings got a Gold with Honours in this year's SYF Central Judging too. even though i missed Jubialte, but after watching the video of their encore through Fernie's cam, i suddenly felt very touched at their performance. can see it for yourselves :) check SN strings out HERE. and watch their encore HERE.

anyway, just watched St Nicks cheerleading 2007! ahhh, i really love St Nicks and MISS st nicks man!!! :(( been craving for St Nicks popiah for VERY long alr!!! shall go back to eat it one day! hehe.

anyway, feeling so hot now. but after watching Planet Earth last wednesday, i have 2nd thoughts about turning on the air-con now. think i shall just tahan the heat for the sake of my dear polar bears :))

01 May 2007

so many things happened, too lazy to blog. hehe. :X

27 April, Saturday
Bach to the Beat was a success! :D a big thank you to those people who came down to support us :) THANK YOU Peace for your orange roses ; Michael for your sunflower ; Dominic and Ben Thia for the gift-a-name "Perkies" ; SAS Perc for the Cadbury Chocolates ; Joo Yeow for the Royce Chocolates ; Lilian for your note and home-made cookies ; for everyone else who helped us during this period :))

i would proudly say Bach to the Beat ROCKED the house with our wonderful (though last minute) gimmicks and repertoire. hehe! the concert seemed to pass damn quickly when it seemed like AGES and YEARS that we took to prepare for it. :X haha! well, sad to say that's the LAST time that we(the J2s) will be performing publicly with SAJC band. hopefully we can have fun again and rock da house at Presentation Night :D hehe.

right now, we gotta put in 120% of our effort and energy on Rhapsody and Safari now! YESSSSSSSSS! we're gonna send positive brainwaves to the judges on May 11 when we go on stage! :D hehe.

alright, enough of SAJC band concert.

30 April, Monday
had school as usual. but instead of PE, Mr Ho brought our whole class to VJC to support our soccer boys vs VJ :DDD i think like half the school went down. gosh! hahaha. no wonder they said we hired 14 buses to VJ. haha! then VJ got scared. they got their band members to bring bass drum, pails and bottles down to make noise. haha! well, even though we drew with VJC 1-1. the soccer boys fought hard for that! so GOOD JOB GUYS!!! :) don't be discouraged! PRESS ON! first half of the match was rather boring cos first half ended nil-nil. we scored the first goal after about 15min into second half. but, that goal was extremely short-lived. cos VJ scored within 10min after we scored :\ stupid corner kick -_______- oh wells, at least they perservered and defended with all their might till the end of the match! :) GO TEAM SAJC!!!

1 May, Tuesday
Labour Day Holiday :DDD woke up at 1215 hehe. ate my brunch, practised violin, went for violin lesson, got a haircut, bathed, went downstairs for dinner with my family and my uncle and aunty. hehe. now back. SHIT. gotta do my GP compre :\ AHHHH. what a holiday :( today's the opening of Spiderman 3 and i wanna watch!!! :(( guess i'll have to wait till aft May 11. alrighties. till then. think my blog will be quite stagnant. HA.