20 September 2007

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18 September 2007


was BestFriend, Fernie's 18th birthday celebration with the usuals :) this is her birthday mooncake! ;)


so we headed to subway for dinner then to Mind Cafe for some fun ;)

this was what we played

Amos, looking damn confused. haha! he's ALWAYS the slowest in making decisions. haha! and gets very excited when he has alot of cards to choose from. cos first few rounds he's always the last to get the cards (cos he's the oldest) so he could only choose from 2 cards! poor fella.

Gareth, looking like his usual self. haha!

Alvan, concentrating hard. ha!

this is what they do while waiting for their turn.

and of course! not forgetting our birthday girl :DDD

alright, so i kinda sacrificed today's physics paper 1 for this. if not for this paper i would have stayed on with them for another round of game! :( HURH. stupid prelims. oh well, even though it's over now. i don't feel relaxed/delighted/glad a least big :X but wells, at least i had fun yesterday :)) oh wells, supposed to come home to practise violin and hehe. here i am :P okay okay. enough updates. my life's about like that. boring as it is.

oh i almost forgot! attended my brother's NYJC alumni choir, Consonance's concert last sunday at Esplanade Recital Studio. it was pretty good. not a waste of time at all. haha. and since i'm on his business, might as well be a nice sister and help him publicise about his a capella group, Key Elements' concert

10 September 2007

This is my wake up call!!!

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went shopping with Fernie, Wendy and Rebecca after church. bought a dress :) yay! went over to Wan Jin's house after that for High School Musical 2 and birthday celebration :DD OH MAN! HSM2 ROCKSSSSSS! hahaha. Zac Efron is SOOO damn goodlooking. -melts.

anyway, had loads of fun at Wan Jin's. :) had CAKES. and these are the cakes i've had for the past few days.

Dark Chocolate Cake from Royals

Mango Cake from Royals

Chocolate cake from Swiss Bake

i TOTALLY l o v e the DARK chocolate cake! bought by my aunt who specially came down to my house to celebrate an early birthday for me :) thank you thank you!

anyway, here are some other photos.

cam whoring before HSM2

only I managed to blow out the fire. HA!

anyway, you guys gotta watch this!!!! Zac's expression when he heard that he found out that he lost his room key is worth millions man!! HAHAHA!

alrighty, enough of my daily dosage of Zac :) i should get back to my notes since i'm still in the midst of prelims :X AHHH!

07 September 2007

yay! i'm happy i don't have to attend YCS exco meeting tmr! hehe. cos my aunt's coming over to celebrate my birthday with me :) hehe. yay! finally something exciting to look forward to. after a whole BORING week of nothing but time-wasting and trying-to-study-but-to-no-avail :S

the most interesting day and thing was catching Secret and Ratatouille with Fernie and Wan Jin :D and OH BOY! those two shows are REALLLLY good. i LOVED Secret cos it's just SOOO nice. the storyline, actors and actresses, music... Ratatouille was simply HILARIOUS! and the rats are oh-so-adorable!!! hahaha! it's amazing how they can make something so disgusting and gross in real life look so damn cute. haha! Ratatouille's DEFINITELY worth five stars! :)

yupp, caught Hairspray last last week too. i bet you all are wondering how the hell i find so much time to watch moviess when it's like halfway through prelims? hehe. time's arranged by ourselves. butttt, i just hope that it's not too much of a trade-off in terms of my results man.

AHHHH! i seriously gotta stop procrastinating. my productivity level these few days is SERIOUSLY damn low :\ every night i watch both 7pm and 9pm shows. :S AHHHHH. okayyy. BER! you really gotta start MUGGING man. like NOW NOW NOW NOW. :(

i came online hoping i can catch Naruto Shippuuden 28. but seems like there's no naruto :((((( sad.