26 March 2006

haha, now saturdays are swimming days! :D went to gareth's house to swim yesterday. after a LOOOONG day of band. :X

nowadays, we have band prac on saturdays from NINE to FOUR. GOSH! ahhhhh. i think perc section almost died of boredom yesterday! cos we had combined sectionals with the brass section and they like take FOREVER to reach the part that i needa play. and guess what? i only needa roll on the suspended cymbals for 12 bars and i can REST for the rest of the piece. HAHA. hmmm, anyway, okay lah. i hope future saturdays practice will be MORE interesting. well, we had a fun time BONDING with our section at least :]

anyway, back to the swimming part. YAY! swam with fernie, alvan and gareth. AWWWW. missed ronald and amos. STUPID amos gotta work and ronald had to attend some wedding dinner.

oh anyways! i'm excited! my bro's getting married this year! YAY! how exciting! :D wheeeeee! hahahaha.

oh! and i'm excited bout shuyan's return from melbourne too! she's coming back on 8 april. YAY! rojakians can once again go out and have fun! :DD

anyway, i'm proud of myself today! i practised violin for 2hours, then practise strokes, and played some piano. cos of yesterday's AWESOME performance by benjamin and the piano. it motivated me. haha. cos like it struck me that i'm taking the diploma this year, BUT somehow, i don't seem THAT good. haha! like GOSH. you shld have seen ben played yesterday. the piano was like ON FIRE? haha, according to nicholas, our vice-pres. HAHA! cos they made ben perform on the piano to show the bandies WHAT is REAL musicality. HAHA. and yupp! i'm sure MOST of us are like motivated now. to create REAL music. and yupp! i better work hard on percs. cannot disappoint my seniors :X haha!

anyways, next week REAL school's gna start. i think i'll most probably DIE or something? cos i still can't seem to adapt to STUDY mode. my body is still in HOLIDAY mode :S for some reason or other. this week we had lecture timetable, thus was like super slack. oh gosh! i pray that i will have ample self-discipline to pull through this two years of JC life. so that i can achieve good results for As. :D yeshhhh!

21 March 2006


nice cake arh? haha, OF COS! i bought it. :DDD

anyway, besides the cake we prepared something VERY SPECIAL for eric too. check this out.

the eggs are adorable right? :]

anyway, went to pastamania for lunch then chilled at gelare. haha. wanted to spy at gelare cos of the "nice view" but too bad we ended too early. we were already having our dessert when it was only 1+ pm. haha! and there was NOTHING to spy, cos everyone else were still in school. AWWWW.

anyway, lazy me didn't even practise violin today. :X haha! don't know why i'm feeling so tired too. so i think i better go slp. anyway, there's photo-taking tmr. :\

18 March 2006

went to busk under the sun at palawan beach today. but wasn't THAT successful. thanks to Mr Sun who hid behind those BIG FAT clouds. :X haha! but nevertheless, we enjoyed ourselves!

even though there was only FOUR of us :X what a GOH YAU YAU outing. haha!

anyway, went to swensens for dinner after that. met up with qiuning and cuis. WAH, havnt seen them for a LONG LONG TIME. and yi also!

haha, jus LOOK AT THE APPLE CRUMBLE. haha, i regretted buying Sticky Chewy Chocolate. haha, should have either bought apple crumble or chocolate crunch. :D

anyway, this HOLIDAY is coming to an end :( how sad, doesn't even feel like a holiday. but nvm. :D i'm excited to wear my new uniform on monday. :] WHEEEE!

17 March 2006

haha, john and sylvia jus left my house not long ago. haha, stupid john chew didn't wanna go home, so he pestered sylvia to come to my house to slack. and they slackED indeed. haha, both of them were like watching me surf the net and at the same time be amazed by my typing speed. haha!

anyway, just came back from YCS march camp from monday to wed. hmmm, it was NOT bad. but i'm soooo sorry i caused a big LUMP of baluku on my beloved's head. SORRY MY DEAR!

haha! look at my cute darling!

my <3s :D miss gareth and ronald. :X those two PANGSAIs. i bet they were bitten by all sorts of insects :\ HAHA.

12 March 2006

miss you too FELICIA YEO! you BIMBO. haha! miss MEP days right? haha! but i knw you dont miss ONE person. HAHA!

AWWWW. i miss NA POK and strings :[ thank you dear for bringing me ard ytd :D

miss you JOYCE! no more toilet partner to escape from our math tutor when he checks our tutorials :[ haha!

thank you FERNIE DEAR once agn! for teaching me! :D haha!

anyway, tmr is YCS March camp :X i havn't finish my spiritual stuff. MARCUS! you better do arh! haha, we fell asleep waiting for each other's reply that night. so end up didn't discuss anything. HAHA.

11 March 2006

went back for St Nicks FIESTA today. gosh! it was quite fun. just a pity that i had meeting till like 2++. gosh, so like by the time i reached, most of the good food have been sold out. :( met up with NA! haha, gosh. miss her SOO much! haha, but SN fiesta really rocked man! haha, guess what? we even had arcade games like daytona, super bishi bashi, dance dance revolution, para para BLAH BLAH. haha! it's really DAMN fun man! haha, nan says it's even better than funorama. :DDDD

like DUH. but three years ago was better in the sense that EVERY classroom was nicely decorated and there was more stalls doing henna and hair braiding. :D haha, but what improved was the sound system and the organisation. thanks to mrs goh :] haha! thank you everybody for making this fiesta so successful! :D thank you NA!

anyway, thank god it only starting pouring after fiesta officially ended. :] if not, WAH. i can't imagine :S

anyway, march hols are like USELESS. it doesn't even look like holidays to me :\ how sad.

i'm SO tired after all the orientation. after all the shouting, screaming, physically draining stuff. :X alright, so BYE. like dozing off here. zzzzZZZZZZZZZZ

04 March 2006


of cos i love it! :D haha, cos it's done by YOU! haha, my dearest. haha! anyway, all thanks to diary-x now i have to start afresh :S

but, nevermind! since it's a new year! new beginning! :D and HOPEFULLY blogger will not disappoint us :] haha! anyway, yay! finally started to settle into my new environment. the big SAINTS family. :D haha! i'm sooooo glad audrey is coming to SA to join us. :D wheeee! finally there's somebody from my primary school. HAHA! but well, sad that SOME people have to leave too. like YONGJIAN! ahhhhh! leaving us for your VICTORIA family. :( but well, ALL THE BEST TO YOU! and please do not forget us man! you BETTER appreciate the ROJAKIANS. :D

anyway, haha. just got back from march camp meeting. WAH, my march holidays are GONE, as usual. haha! but it's alright! :D hahaha. at least i think i'll enjoy it. haha, anyways, settling into SA band too. haha! hopefully can bond more with the band people. cos 1st intake things still not really very steady. so yeah! hopefully after 2nd intake we can have proper orientation then can know everybody better :) haha! anyways, i know our "hell" kinda practice will start after march hols to prepare for the concert :X haha! gosh! nevermind! as SAINTS, we're EVERY READY! :D hahahaha! bring it on man! hahaha!

anyway, here's to 06S22 of SAJC : THANK YOU GUYS for making my 1st two months so enjoyable! haha, especially to ERIC - thanks for all your lame jokes! haha, that cracked us up. :] haha! anyways, JOYCE! i'm gonna miss you hell lot! :(:( please stay in contact man! haha, can update me bout NJ. haha! DEXTER - take care man! and rest more so you can have a speedy recovery! NICHOLAS and KOK - haha! yay! cheers to ROJAKS! :D haha, see ya at Orientation 2!

to the ROJAKIANS : THANK YOU GUYS for really adding all the fun to my life for these two months. haha! and yupp! ROCK ON! :] see ya LATER! hahahaha!

to my OLD friends : don't worry! it's now like what amos said, i'll NEVER forget you all lah! cos you all are still my bestest BUDS! haha! even though you all are gonna be in the same school besides me :(:(:( and even though you all have to wear your BLUUUUUU uniform, while i get to wear NICE uni :D i'll still LOVE you all. haha! and we should really stop the "school war" haha! yupp! i don't care! we still study together on saturdays? :D haha!

here's polar ber's love to all!