29 January 2007


today's Darryl's and Cam's birthday but poor cam is in camp. awwww. but nvm, the other person had a pretty surprising birthday celebration(i hope). haha! cos thanks to Chuan Yang's idea of replacing a cake with a pau and Clar's brilliant idea of giving him a fireball because he always call her Charizard. hahaha! however, due to unforeseen circumstances, we couldn't buy a pau. so we substitute it with a burger instead. HOWEVER, the cake burger was suppose to be FILLED with EIGHTEEN small candles but we only had enough for eight small ones and a big one. This is all credit to Leonard Leong. gosh! he was suppose to bring candles, but somehow he didn't. another disappointing thing was Gabriel Han was supposed to bring SOMETHING. but he didn't. i tell you, GUYS are soooo not trustworthy. -________-

anyway, on a lighter note, we had interclass captain's ball game instead of the usual NAPFA training. :D with 06S07. however, we ended the match rather unhappy. due to some reasons, but PEACE OUT everyone! let's just let bygones be bygones. besides, it's suppose to be FRIENDLY match. hahaha!

well, another "exciting" thing is our SAJC Cross-Country this wednesday. seriously, i don't know if i should anticipate it or -_______-. cos i'm excited cos i get to miss FOUR hrs of tutorial :) but the :\ thing is i don't wanna run :XX but it's alright, i will rather have a day out then sit in that classroom.

anyway, the sad thing is we can't have class outing cos of CCA. but it's alright :D CCA's gonna be fun too! i mean, i always believe that hard work pays off! anyway, i think other classmates have their own CCAs too. but we can always have class lunch :) yay!!!!

alrighty! hahaha! i was telling Shimah during our TORTUROUS one and half hours of Math lect just now that the ONLY good thing about weekdays is my 9pm show, The Peak. HEHEHE! :]

okay! think it's dinner time! and after dinner shall practise violin, attempt econs tut and watch tv! then it's bedtime! WOW! i'm soooo organised. hahaha! (if only everything will be carried out as planned)

28 January 2007

haha! got this from Clar's blog, who in turn got it from Sylvia's blog.

'What will your obituary say?' at QuizGalaxy.com

it's rather funny! gosh.

27 January 2007

wahh, i'm exhausted. had band prac from 1000 to 1430 today. well, we were suppose to start at 10, but as usual, it dragged. and i think we OFFICIALLLY started at 11? well, it's alright. then after that we had SOMEWHAT a break before we performed for SAS Passing Out Parade, which is now called Graduation and Promotion Parade cos someone really passed out during POP. haha, so yeah. we performed, then the ceremony started officially.

the ceremony was rather cool as it was my first or rather second time watching POP. sylvia and i had quite a lot of comments though. haha, laughing at some rather cute comments made by people around us. haha!

after the ceremony we had a short reception then it was followed by a mini concert put up by SAJS, SAS SYF and non-SYF band and lastly the evening ended with Saints Alumni band. it was quite an eye-opener. i think we're seriously the ONLY school in Singapore that can have this whole Primary to Alumni thing. haha, yeah. and we can so expect more of such joint events in future.

however, i'm really tired after moving ALL our perc instruments from SAJC to SAS and back to SAJC again. but thanks to some band members who helped out. yeah, saved us quite a lot of trouble. :) so yeah, i just got home and kinda just ate my dinner. which was like 3 pieces of cheese biscuits and a cup of milk tea. haha, cos my meal time is quite screwed up considering i had LUNCH at four in the afternoon? but it's alright. i'm pretty sure i can survive. haha.

anyway, think i should rest early. still lotsa work to be done tmr :S

22 January 2007

WOW, after a weekend of NO INTERNET i just realised how important internet is to us. hai, throughout the WHOLE weekend, i was stuck at home with NO INTERNET access. GOSH! it was HORRIBLE! and sooo many interest things happened. haha! (refering to Clar and Shimah's blogs. haha! anyway, i'm just DAMN glad my internet is back now!!! after calling singnet technical support. haha! after going through a series of setting of the internet thingy, realised might be my telephone cord wasn't plug in fully. haha! oops! well, i'll learn my lesson. hehe!

anyway, had PE today. even though it was Monday BLUUUUUUUEEES. :( eeeeek! ran like EIGHT FREAKING ROUNDS! did circuit. like 4X200m. :S vomit blood arh! train so hard for what? girls also no needa serve NS. :\

but it's alright lah. KEEP FIT :D

alrighty, gotta go now. SERIOUS business to do ;)

19 January 2007

had one of the most tiring PE lessons in this year man! we had shuttle-run training. by running, stop, invert cones, run, stop invert cones. GOSHHH i tell you, i ALMOST died! anyway, good thing is i manage to go back St Nicks for orange bowl and Popiah again! :D this time with Wan Jin and Fernie(who woke up late [not surprising] thus only met her for a short while)

anyway, met Na!! and all my other juniors! Eeshan, Denise, Clovie, Valentia, Abigail, Priscilla, Cheryl, Angeline and we even met HuiHui! AFTER SOOOO LONG! gosh! miss her like hell! still remember those good old days when we just go down for YCS meetings and end up complaining ALL about our teachers, school work, family and any other problems. basically she was one good listening ear for us to vent our frustrations. but, after asking her, YCS meetings are still the same. YCS is still a place for relaxation :DD

anyway, another thing that made me quite happy or rather AMUSED was during geog tutorial. HAHAHAHAHA! my gosh! today 06S24 have a new found classmate! a brand new addition! new BIMBO in the house!!! MY GOODNESSSS! and the bimbo is none other than Lynette Leong! goshhhh! can check out the bimbotic story of lynette from Clar's blog. rather lazy to type. haha! but it's DAMN funny! i think that will be the joke that will be remembered for life. AWWWW poor thing! sorry lynette! but somethings just cannot be forgotten!

alrighty, i'm gna slp now. (if not i'll get REAL bad eyebags) HAHAHAHA. doesn't that sound familiar TANKY?

16 January 2007

had three hours of tutorial STRAIGHT today!!! tomorrow is worse! FOUR straight HOURS! and if not for shimah's sweets, her "predict-your-future" game, nonsense talking blah blah blah. i would have DIED! so we played the "predict-your-future" game during math lect to kill time, cos vectors was killing us :S and guess wht? i'm SOOOOO fated with Adam Chen!!! :DDD firstly, i am gonna marry him in future :) shimah played the game, and i was suppose to end up with him :)) and after the WHOLE game, we came to a conclusion that i will end up with Adam Chen!! :))) hahaha!

but don't worry, i'll still stay loyal to my Elvin Ng :] awwwww. can't wait for the nine o'clock show. ha! but i dread the time AFTER that. cos there's ECONS TEST tmr! :X and as the econs rep think i'm suppose to ace the subject? oh GIMME a break. i TOTALLY failed the math test yesterday. got a pathetic 2.5 out of 20? while dearest clarissa topped the class (why am i not surprised?) with 16 marks! hai, i guess sometimes god just isn't fair. :( but it's alright! it's only the first test this year! gosh! i really needa pull up my socks!!! -_____________-

alright, now i think i better go study econs :\

12 January 2007

went back to St. Nicks for lunch and visiting yesterday, during our FIVE and HALF hours break!!! i SOOOOOO enjoyed myself. and TRUST ME! st nicks is still the BEST! trash SA flat man!!! i mean it's cheap and good! haha! and the people made it better! love you guys! went back with Fernie, Clar and Sichen. and we met MANY MANY teachers. like Piang Piang(Mr Gan), Mrs Sherwood, Mrs Lily Tan, Ms Tan Shuwei, Mrs Gurong, Ms Choo Teck Chan. also not forgetting our orange bowl uncle, mian xian uncle and auntie! :D

here are some photos! wait till i get more from clar!

OUR St Nicholas canteen. the best canteen in Singapore :DDD

WHOO! hot toast!

Mian Xian Aunty!

PiangPiang! Our beloved Mr Gan, Physics teacher who likes to go "Yes, No Ger?"

my Bestie and our dearest juniors :D

more to come! anticipate! and meanwhile, lemme show you my LOVES :DDD

MY Elvin Ng! :))))

MY nephew, George. (who according to Fernie, looks like Elvin Ng) i mean, DUH they're equally cute :DD) hahhaa! i'll wait for him to grow up to look like elvin ng man! hahahha!

but anyway, those are my dreams and dreams will only be dreams. so yeah. but sometimes it feels pretty good to be in a dream, stay away from reality. cos reality is cruel. :\

anyway, maybe i should really do some work :S but i'm TIREDDDDD! and muscle aches EVERYWHERE! bcos of PE yesterday :\\\\ haiiiii. and TWO tests on monday, Econs and Math lect test :S

but it's alright! shall look forward to next THURSDAY for more good food! and mian xian aunty promised to keep fried food for us. YIPPEEE! :]

07 January 2007

i feel accomplished today! :D woke up at 0930. breakfast, read newspapers, practised violin, lunch, did ALL my homework :DDDD came online. HEHE! at least i finished the work that are due tmr.

this should be my kind of lifestyle until As man. hopefully i can sustain it. haha!

listening to St Nicks Strings' SYF piece this year. gosh! it really is hard man! but don't worry my little kids! as long as you all practise hard ALL hard work will pay off! Gold with Honours!!! haha!

05 January 2007

had a FULL praAdta outing on wednesday night, the FIRST official day of school. :D with a few other VIPs like Fernie, Charissa and Baoyu. well, i'm kinda lazy to upload photos cos most of them are on Clar's blog. so yeah, if you all wish to see our pretty jeanie and others please log on to Clarissa's blog. :D THANKS!

anyway, it has been a loooooooong long time since i last saw the few of them. HAI! jean! you arh! always only meet up with us the day before you fly back. then poor her so sad. but don't be sad jean! cos with the advancement in technology, you can contact us ANYTIME you want :DDD (gosh, sounds like PW or GP :X)

anyway, with our WONDERFUL timetable, we were able to eat lunch OUT. as in SERIOUSLY OUT of Potong Pasir. for instance, we (the girls excluding Shimah and Sylvia cos they were too lazy) went to Crystal Jade at Toa Payoh for lunch today. :DD cool shit. MAYBE cos we ended class at 11am, and have to wait till 2.30pm for Geog Lect -___________-

anyways, today is only the THIRD day of school and we have tons of homework piled up already :S


02 January 2007

can't believe it's 2007 already! and school's about to start in another 24hours! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

once school starts tomorrow, it's the start of the busy, hectic J2 life :S hai, all the stress, SYF rehearsals, practice and practice, tests and tests, violin practices... GOSHHHHHHHHH! how i wish 2007 never came!!!!!

the only good thing about 2007 is that i'll be turning 18 :D

gosh!!!! i tried to do my math holiday assignment just now. but i realised i don't know how to EVERY question. so i gave up. came online instead. OH GOSH! someone gotta help me! maybe i should really get math tuition. and maybe physics too. but where's the TIME for tuition man! GOSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.