25 March 2007

Phantom of the Opera was EXHILARATING! the props, costumes, setting, effects, acting, singing, music... GOSH! my 87bucks was SOOO worth it! hehe. :D and adding on to that is the company i had :)

Fernie, Desiree

Claire, Felicia

My Mom

after the show, my dad drove us to Redhill Market for supper. it was great! all the oyster omelette, chendol, chee chong fun. hehe. :D

anyway, gonna watch my naruto now. :)

23 March 2007

today is the last paper of BT1! :D physics paper. though i screwed it upside down, inside out. but i'm just TOTALLY happy and overjoyed that i'm done with BT1 :) besides, i caught TWO movies in a row :) hehe! watched Mr Bean's Holiday with my class at Vivo City and caught Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with Fernie and Dickson at Plaza Sing. hehe! gosh! feels DAMN good to watch movie after SUCH a long while. and Mr Bean is SERIOUSLY hilarious! my favourite scene was when he tried to busk for money. and gosh! think my latest addition to my love is Michaelangelo! he's just soo adorable and funny! haha!

another happy thing was the success of my concert. though there are some wrong chords/notes here and there. i still managed to pull it off :D so proud of myself. hehe. cos the good thing about performing a Bach Fugue is there is NO piano accompaniment, so you can slow down or speed up according to your preference. and there's no reference of pitch. so can be slightly out of tune. HAHA! but well, the best part of the concert is that since it's held at Esplanade, i actually got to see the costumes and artists of Phantom of the Opera!!!! how cool is that man? i mean ONLY the costumes and props of the musical are enough to overwhelm you! GOSH! and can't wait for tomorrow! i'm gonna watch is LIVE at Esplanade Theatre! WOOHOOOO!!!

anyway, i realised even though BT1 ended, it doesn't mean our studying and mugging stops here :\ gosh. this sucks! i really want this year to come to an end quickly! but yet i want to stay at this stage of my life. in the sense i dwna go to uni cos i dwna face the reality of GROWING UP and becoming an adult :X

so i'm quite thankful that i went to JC instead of poly. cos after analysing the pros and cons, i realise it's still better for ME to go JC. hehe. here's the list:

1. MUCH cheaper school fees in JC compared to polys cos it's subsidised by govt.
2. CHEAPER bus fares when you are a college student.
3. MOOOOOORE money saved from buying clothes/accessories/shoes since you only need at most 3 sets of school uniform and many many school shirts and FBTs to last you through the two years.
4. however, JC has MUCH lesser holidays. and our holidays are as good as NO HOLIDAYS! considering the fact that holidays for us are meant for STUDYING. :X which sucks.
5. EVERYTHING is jam packed into TWO SHORT YEARS.

but, i still feel saving money is rather important. or should i say? i think i'm just not a poly person. waking up everyday and worry about what to wear? i don't think i can handle that. HAHA! i'll rather do the same old routine everyday. haha! which i MIGHT start to miss when i get into university. haha.

anyway, i just found out something which made me REALLY MAD @(#&(&@$(&!#!@#~#&^#$(@ gosh! can ask me directly if you wanna know what it is. and maybe all you girls out there should start to be more careful. yeah.

anyway, i think it's time i go to bed. since i still have band practice tomorrow. oops hehe.

17 March 2007

i'm so proud of myself! i just completed the entire Hana Kimi serial! gosh! i'm soooo in love with Yu Ci Lang and Xiu Yi! gosh! they're damn cute! hahaha. and it's such a sweet love story. haha. but well, it's rather unbelievable in real life. but well, it's just a drama. haha! anyway, i think Ella's very cute too!

i feel so contented as well. but after enjoying myself the WHOLE week. seriously the WHOLE week. cos tomorrow's saturday already! oh gosh! someone please nag me to study! i really gotta start practising my math man :X

just had a PraAdta outing yesterday! went to have dinner at Cafe Cartel at Raffles City. walked to Suntec to take neoprint and buy Royce chocolates :D WOWWWWW! Royce is SERIOUSLY heavenly! then we walked to TCC to have dessert. hehe. photos not up yet though. cos clar havn't send me. so yeah. shall update next time after i get the photos. oh goshhhh! just realised i really really miss them ALOT! JEANN!!! must let us know when you receive the parcel okay? it has been VERY long since we've mailed it lah!! :\ haha!

alrighty almighty! i think i should get some sleep now. and gosh. tomorrow's the last day i can practise my violin before my concert :S


16 March 2007

just came back from YCS March Camp. it was tiring, but not bad. just that we missed the musical fountain performance cos of the rain :X hai, but well. overall, it was okay. i TRIED to study in the camp. but to no avail. hehe. well, at least now i made new friends :) and eyecandy. hehe. look at the boy that desiree and i find cute :)

he's the one on the right, Gabriel :) we found out that he was from our chinese catechism school VERY long ago. hehe. no wonder i found him very familiar. haha!

anyway, i think i should keep my entry short. cos i wanna watch Hana Kimi! i realise i can't concentrate on my studies until i finish watching the whole series. and i'm at episode 12 now! so YES! gna chiong now. haha!

06 March 2007

history was made today when tremors from the earthquake in Sumatra shook the whole SAJC. it was during physics tutorial when i first felt the tremors. at first, i thought i was experiencing headache for the first time thus i felt giddy. but after about five seconds i was still spinning. and the table was shaking from left to right. then after another five seconds i realised everyone in class felt the same thing. well, except some thick-skinned, insensitive person who didn't feel BOTH times. haha! even Ms Tan our physics tutor thought it's just her. so after abit of murmuring, we continued with our lesson. until 20min to the end of the lesson an announcement was made over the PA system for ALL students in classrooms and LTs to evacuate onto the track. WOAH! seriously, i was pretty excited at first cos this is the first time we're evacuating due to earthquake tremors rather than FIREDRILL. hehe. so yeah, went onto the track for about 5min then got dismissed back to class. DAMN. everything was fine until break time, after i bought my chicken cutlet. suddenly, everything started to sway. the ground was unstable, lights in the cafe were swaying. this time everyone automatically started walking to the track. and we stood on the field cos this is a Level Three tremors which EVERYONE is suppose to be outdoors. so yeah, after standing for about 5min we sat down at the semi-d area. and shortly after that, they announced that NO MORE lessons for the day! YESSSSS! you should have seen the JOY in all of us! hehe. missed TWO freaking hours of GP. :DDD

so i happily da pao-ed my chicken cutlet ALl the way to harbourfront pastamania. i was SERIOUSLY starving on the way there. was so pissed that the stupid quake spoilt my lunch. but anyway, met Donavan and Adeline there. :) stupid Don told me he's out with his gf. CHEYS.

anyway, i seriously hope there's such thing as donating time. so i can get more time than other people. cos after talking to Donavan today, i realised he has soooooo much time to spare he finished watching SOOO many dramas, and is still bored. :X while here i am, struggling to juggle EVERYTHING and pack my busy schedule in such a way i can complete many things in the few short hours everyday after school :\

i was suppose to practise violin today after i come home, in preparation for my upcoming concert on 18 March 2007 which is held at Esplanade but i have no idea is it just the recital studio or it's in the concert hall. WAHHH! but either places it's cool enough. hehe. tickets are priced at $20, free seating. anyway, so that's one of the goals i have to achieve - memorise my ENTIRE Bach Fugue which is like 5min long by then. :\

Next, have to complete a GP compre by thursday. and tomorrow night gna reach home late too. due to band prac. so -_______- suppose to at least complete all the short questions and summary.

and there's also another goal to meet by Friday. which is to play semiquavers steadily at a target speed set by ourselves. but, actually i havn't told Zhiqi my targeted tempo. so hmmm, but i'm hoping i can hit 165 at least. but -_________-. TIME is needed for me to practise! so if only i can practise violin, do my GP and practise sticking all at once :\ but duh, it's IMPOSSIBLE. adding to all these, there'e Block Test 1 coming up in like TWO weeks? and gosh! i really donno how am i gna study when i gotta prepare for the concert and SYF! AHHHH! and when i know NUTS about physics and math! GOSH! someone should really take BT1 for me! :X:X:X:X:X:X

anyway, okay! i better go prac violin now. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! i can't seem to memorise the piece!!!!!!! -____________-

02 March 2007

CONGRATULATIONS BEN for achieving your A A B! to PEACE for A1 in GP! to EUGENE for achieving FOUR straight As!! and also to many others who did well for As! :D

so the J2s who graduated last year came back today to collect their A level results. and CAN YOU IMAGINE!? one year later will be our turn -____________-

and oh gosh! i must say some of them really changed sooo much i can't even recognise them! haha! gosh! anyway, after that Ms Ho talked to the J2s of 2007 and sort of like nagged us about studying. GOSH! i really hope our batch will be able to improved SA's standard. cos right now, we've dropped below NYJC :X goshh.

so after all that talk made by Ms Ho, Eugene and Andrew, i was rather motivated to study! yes! someone pls constantly remind me of my ultimate goal! now my new aim is to for my name to be mentioned in front of the J2s next year! hehe! :DD

hope that's not too much to aim for. anyway, i always believe in aiming high and working hard! but the problem is i gotta start working hard from now onwards! even for BT1! gosh! someone PLS nag me and encourage me!!! okay! tht's it! i gotta start after Music Fest tmr.

oh, speaking about YCS Music Fest. it is held at Catholic High School Auditorium
03 March 2007, Saturday

anyway, i really hope tomorrow's program will run smoothly. :\ anyway, gotta wake up super early which is normal school day timing cos we gotta practice our batch piece for concert. then set off for SCH to watch St. Pats rehearse for SYF. gosh! then i gotta rush down to Cat High. AHHHHH gonna be a busy weekend again. but at least it's the weekend already :)

alright, i should really start on my GP presentation research now.