23 August 2006

WAHHHHHH!!!!!! guess what!! i fell asleep at the busstop today while waiting for my bus!!! n i woke up to see 2 133 buses passing by.. OMGGG.. n the bus is like super crowded n nice smellingg.. n jean!!! u better fly off this sunday k.. so u can meet us!!!

18 August 2006

Sporty Sunday was like SOOO yesterday. haha! alright, maybe not really. cos it was like a few weeks ago. since after that the next sunday we couldn't exercise since all the badminton courts were fully booked. and on 6 august was the One Family, One Flag SAV band concert at Esplanade. so i missed it again! and last sunday, 13 august i went to try gowns for my brother's wedding. so like i didnt exercise AGAIN. and THIS sunday there's flagday. so :X hai. there goes my fitness plan.

but it's alright! we can always wait for NEXT sunday :D haha.

anyway, SA band concert ended very well. :D yay! thank you all who came down to support me! :D namely, JEAN-lala, YI-lala, CUI-lala :D my parents, aunt, bro and future sister-in-law :D THANK YOU THANK YOU! it was much appreciated!

anyways, jean darling is back! haha, can't wait for next tues! haha. SA is having polling day holiday, so jean and i will be returning to st nicks! WHOOOOSH! my long-awaited popiah and rou wan mian sian! :D

haha! and after that should be meeting clar for shopping :D hai, studying for promos is like SO not in my dictionary?! haha! alright, but jean more important lah. HAHA!

anyways, SA is like busy cos too many activities. not like TJ. poor cuis lah. haha!! cannot organise class outing cos this guy in her class said, "but there's A levels next year know?" OH GOSH. -faints.

oh well, then MAYBE i should go study for PROMOS first. :X HAHA.