25 February 2007

busy busy weekend again. only return home at night since friday. had sectionals then dinner with the seniors, or rather moses and joo yeow. haha. anyway, sat had band prac too. then hung out suppose to watch movie, but we ended up in Bishan Junction 8 thanks to Garnesh. haha! then Zhiqi and Ben Thia went to Moses' house while i went home cos i figured i should practise violin. so yeah :) i'm so guai!

today went for the 11am mass in church, and i made a new friend today! :D hehe. came home for lunch then went to Bishan CC to meet Fernie, Eeshan, Denise, Clovie, Wan Jin, Desiree, Dickson for Music Fest dance practice. then came home at about 7plus.

all my tutorials are left UNTOUCHED :X so is my violin, poor thing. haha! anyway, gonna watch my Naruto first! hehe.

21 February 2007

its chinese new year! usual visiting and stuff. actually i really prefer christmas to chinese new year. cos it's rather sian to have those relatives that you see once a year all gathering and all you can do is sit there and stuff yourself with food and tv. :X

but the hongbao collection is the only thing that can make up for tht :D hehe. thankgoodness this year is a little more interesting. on the First day of Chinese New Year went to my brother's in-law's house, followed by my Jiu Jiu's house where all my distant relatives meet up. watched Thank You For Smoking and The Devil Wears Prada. it's a DAMN good show man! gotta catch it!

on Monday, stayed at home to do my work and practise violin :) then went over to Carol Jie Jie's house in the evening. met up with Fernie, Alvan, Amos, Gareth, Gabriel and his friends. it has been sooo long since i met up with them. haha! even my mom asked about gareth, say she havn't met "tht guy who stays near the church" for a loong time. too bad they had to leave early.

but no worries, cos they came to my house to bai nian the next day EARLY in the morning. well, not that early actually cos they ALL couldn't wake up. and Fernie (surprisingly) was the earliest. haha! my parents thought she really turned over a new leaf, but in actual fact, she could arrive on time because she didnt sleep at all! GOSH!

after that i went to meet S24 at Yishun MRT to go Sylvia's house to bai nian. and GOSH! as usual, i was the earliest. had to stand there with my violin like some idiot. haha! so suay lah! and in the morning there was a car accident near my house and caused a jam. i had to walk ALL the way out to the main road to take bus :X

thanks sylvia for letting us go your house to bai nian! and thanks for all the good food! after lunch, went to Trixie's house. but it was a pity i had to leave for violin lesson shortly after we lao yu sheng.

thanks 06S24 for making my CNY a little more interesting. thanks Darryl for TRYING your best to keep the conversations going to make more noise. thanks Nic for letting me play with your hamster. haha! thanks Rojaks for waiting for me to come just to lao yu sheng. sorry for the long wait! cos of a misfortune at Sylvia's house. poor Casper lost his brand new Nike white shoes which was left outside sylvia's house. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE thief! we came out with a theory that maybe the thief wanted to steal Clarence's shoe, but when he couldn't find the other side he gave up and took Casper's instead. haha! gosh!

anyway, i'm really tired now. think i was suppose to do geog and math. but FORGET IT. sleep is the most important thing now.

17 February 2007

this week was really busy for me. that explains why my blog was stagnant for a week. hehe. sorry for those who keep checking my blog everyday but only to find the same old stuff. haha! anyway, lemme tell everyone about my exciting week! hehe!

had a wonderful Valentines' Day in school this year! though i didn't received as much gifts and candy as when i was in St Nicks. but i'm still pleased =) i was pleasantly surprised when i got Kinder Bueno from Clarence, Darryl and Leonard. 06S24's Class Rep, Treasurer and Asst. Class Rep respectively. haha! i really didn't expect to get anything from the guys. haha! so thank you dears! so mainly it was the GIRLS who exchanged the gifts and candies! so THANK YOU ALL YOU LOVELY LADIES OF S24! :))

after school still had band :X hahaha, but we ended early :D met up with all the Lonely Hearts at Outback at Millenia Walk. who consists of Fernie, EeShan, Wan Jin, Theresa, Dickson, Sherwin, Denise, Clovie, John, Benjamin, Donavan. haha! it was fun to have dinner with you people! hehe.

here's our group photo

i reached home that night at about 11+ 12 i think. insufficient sleep please. that explains why i didn't come online the whole week. cos all i could think of when i reach home is SLEEP X) hahaha.

thursday, we had CNY rehearsal till late as well. hahaha. nothing much. i basically only went school for assembly and PE. haha, had inter-class softball with 07S11 AGAIN. and we won, AGAIN. hehe! hahahaha.

friday, was CNY celebration. i had to wake up at 0530!! in order to reach school by 7am. gosh! and according to the band room clock i was 8 min late!!! WTH. my hp clock was only 0702 k! :P i don't care. anyway, we played some Golden Snake Rhapsody with CO played too. but thankgoodness at the last min, some of us thought of some impromptu things which made our performance more enjoyable (i hope). haha! like waving butterflies, hearts and stars during Fairytale; shouting Gong Xi Fa Cai during Gold Snake. thankgoodness we ended with Jupiter in Pop Style. if not our reputation will SERIOUSLY be tarnished. hahaha!

anyway, went out for section outing at Fish&Co at Dhoby Ghaut after that :)) love my section!

Oh! before we set off for Fish&Co, we celebrated Rebecca & Regina's birthday in the band room. bought them a "fish cake" hahaha! more like fish jelly. cos Nian2 Nian2 You3 Yu2 :)

anyway, after eating our fill, we went to walk around PS then decided to go Vivo. haha, cos we realised PS is too boring. haha!

went to Harbourfront cos some people actually wanted to go sentosa. but due to popular demand or rather majority objection we set foot in Vivo City. we ended up at the roof garden, sitting, stoning, playing with water. haha! pigging out.

look at our farmers

after some people left, we left the roof garden too cos it started drizzling. so walked around, window shopping, and taking photos!

look at my cute/handsome boy

and our models of the day

decided to catch Ghost Rider after that. but sadly, Wanling couldn't join us. so left Zhiqi, Dominic, Ben Thia and I.

HAHA! look at Mr. Horrified hiding behind the chairs in the theater!

the show was GREAT! our $9.50 was totally worth it! :)

went home after that. to SLEEP. hehe.

that's all for my week now. so a very HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEARS' EVE! :DD

12 February 2007

had an extremely busy weekend. but it was fun! :) met up with my beloved friends to celebrate Amos' 18th birthday!

here is our birthday boy with his present from Fernie, Ree and I.

anyway, really missed them! ahhhhh! it's like we have to wait till someone's birthday to meet up. gosh! how busy can we get man?! anyway, we had the most CHACHA lan sai birthday celebration ever! thanks to one of the AH PEKS of our clique, Ronald Chan Yong Jie! who so brilliantly suggested coffeeshop! GOSH! cheapo or what? Fernie actually suggested Giraffe Cafe, the one at Istana Park. WALAO! then someone complain too expensive. NVM! we shall all go there for dinner on valentines' day with all the lonely hearted. haha! and enjoy ourselves! :P

anyway, this is us at Beach Road :)

Left to Right: Shan, Amos, Me, Gareth, Alvan, Fernie, Ree

then after dinner we walked, then took bus to Bugis :) haha, shopped around for a while then gotta go home. before we left, look what these naughty boys did

HAHA! is was hilarious! all thanks to Alvan Quek who started it. haha!

anyway,before the celebration Shimah and i went to do CIP in Hougang :) went around a few blocks near Punggol CC to collect newspapers :) it was quite a good experience :) at least this CIP is not those typical boring type. it was quite fun in fact. haha! thanks shimah! for coming ALL the way from Jurong East to Hougang. sorry to have made you wait for me yesterday! anyway, i've rushed down from church immediately after service ended. hehe! we had fun too right?! after all those talking ;) haha! anyway, it's a good thing you didn't pon school today lah! though it wasn't really a good day for Shimah, after vomiting during PE during the run. gosh, poor thing. take care of yourself k! :)

anyway, think i better get going now. TATA!

10 February 2007


sorry i didnt wish you on my blog yesterday cos i reached home at 1am. :X and had to wake up at 0630 today. so yeah. sorrry. but nvm! i'm glad you enjoyed your birthday celebration and liked your WONDERFUL bday gift frm S24 :)

well, if you're wondering what the hell i was doing till 1am. hehe. went for SAJC alumni band concert at VCH yesterday night. after sectionals. then waited for them to clear VCH, moved the instruments to the truck. hung around outside VCH taking photos and stuff. then at about 2245 joo yeow decided to ask us (the SAJC percussionists) to join them for supper after they move everything back to SAS. so smart us(zhiqi, reb and i) agreed. the rest went home. hehe. so we were stood throughout the entire ride back to school. after that we waited for them at the SAJS canteen for like COW LONG. haha! until we FINALLY left for Macs it was already 12am. so yeah, had my FREE-OF-CHARGE oreo McFlurry :DD heehee. thanks jooyeow! then parents came to pick reb and i up. finally reached home at 1+am. by the time i bathed and all, it was already 2am. so yeah. HAD to slp, or rather i was FREAKING tired.

woke up at 0645 today to go school. had band exchange with St Pats and NYJC. well, it was OKAYY. but i think i screwed up my figure 28 :S as usual -_________- hai

ohhh, today was the movie screening of An Incovenient Truth, but Zhiqi, Moses and i went Bras Basah to buy drum skin and sticks. hehe! we bought a new snare drum skin! damn nice! now our snare looks nice and sounds nice! HEHE. hahahahha

oh, the exchage was pretty okay, thanks to Aunty Kenneth's haribos. if not i would have seriously dozed off. hehe.

anyway, Sylvia arh, rather random. she suddenly call me to ask if i'm free to go eat durian. haha! i WANT lah. but firstly, i'm too broke :X and secondly, i'm too tired after all that moving of instrument and little sleep. thirdly, i'm too full after dinner. fourthly, i have lotsa things to be done, e.g. my compre :\ so sorry sylvia! next time maybe! hehe. oh, in case you are wondering which sylvia i'm talking about. she's sylvia TONG, not sylvia TAN.

alrighty, i better hurry. then can sleep early. tmr's a LOOOONG day too :(

07 February 2007

wahhh, i tell you i ABHOR projects of ANY sort! :\ projects are just the death of me man!!!!

especially when you have to do a project on something you don't even understand :X hai, but thankgoodness for the five and half hours break tmr :D we are planning to churn out the ppt and report(hopefully) by tmr. hehe!

actually i do feel a little incompetent as a group leader. well, i NEVER liked being a group leader of projects. if it's camps or for games purpose i'm still fine with it. but for project is just -________-

oh well, after this week will be less stressful. but not necessary actually. cos there's something else to stress about NEXT week :S hahaha! and this weekend i'm TOTALLY busted.

Friday night there's SAJC Alumni Band Concert. Saturday there's exchange program with NYJC till 5pm. Sunday there's CIP till 5pm too. WOW. i very have time to shop and make presents lah. HOW HOW HOW? can someone spare me their extra time? but actually even if i get the extra time besides the 24-hours i doubt i have the energy to last through it. hehe. i'm such a pig. but it's really tiring lah! especially after a day of FOUR STRAIGHT HOURS of tutorial :( JUST KILL ME!

alright, think i better go slp now. still gotta last till 1730 tmr!

04 February 2007

i'm feeling happy today! :D even though i had to write a GP essay :X haha. it's actually just a small thing, but i still feel happy :) hehe.

anyway, got lobang for CIP.

newspaper collection in hougang and punggol
11 Feb, Sunday
1st shift: 0800 - 1230
2nd shift: 1230-1700
meeting venue: punggol cc(near hougang mrt)
if interested can drop me your name, contact no and i/c no. by friday latest


03 February 2007

haha! was really getting quite bored doing geog. thankgoodness for this
The Idiot Test

give it a try when you're bored. haha! and there's Idiot's Test 2


02 February 2007

oh! anyway, i tell you! the world is FREAKING small! haha, found out yesterday that Chris' mom used to be Leonard's chinese tutor! hahahha! Singapore is indeed very small! gosh! oh and by the way, do you people know Darryl's on sale in our school Popular? HAHAHA! here! take a look

heehee! actually i have NO idea what animal he looks like. he somehow looks like a monkey too according to clar. but i think he looks more like an elephant. though he doesnt have as big eyes as Jumbo(or is it called Dumbo). hehe!

phewww, this week finally came to an end. i must say it has been a looong week. with cross-country going on and CCA after that. looong and tiring week :X but it's still fun nevertheless :D cos cross-country wasn't as bad as i thought it will be. 3.5km was quite okay. maybe it's cos we're running on flat ground. a much easier terrain compared to macritchie. haha! and thankgoodness there're the ever supportive class girls like Kylie, Shimah, Rachel. after cross-country we went PS for lunch. haha! for the FIRST time i tried the indonesian food stall. the stall which ALL the guys including Alvan, Gareth they all always buy from. cos EVERYTIME we go there for lunch, the queue's always too long for me. so i wont buy from that stall. but wednesday was EXCEPTIONALLY empty, cos MAYBE MAYBE only, all the other students are still schooling. and it wasn't official office lunch time yet. hehe!

anyway, i'm starting to LOVE thursdays. :D well, i'm suppose to be sianns about the five and half hours break. but i find it pretty good as well. well, it gives us time to shower after a good workout ;) then go out for a GOOD lunch. hehe! which we had at Pizzahut yesterday. haha! the student meal and company was GREAT!!! :)

we found out a few secrets! hehe.

went back for Geog Tut at 1630 -________- thankgoodness time passed quite quickly. went home right after that. waited for the bus with Leonard for like FREAKING longggg. almost DIED. then when the first 147 came, it was TOO crowded to even get onto the bus :S so no choice, we had to wait for another 147. thankgoodness there's Lynette's stupid, lame, self-centred comments and praises. if not i would have suffocated in the 147 that passed soooooo many places. HAHAHAA!

okay lah, think i should hurry start on the geog assignment :( nighties!