27 October 2006

the OFFICIAL last day of school today! :D yay! but stupidly, we still had math lect and supposedly econs lect :X oops. HAHA. how about Mr Liang msged me at like 1145 said "where's your class? lecture at CC now." i replied "huh? what lecture? my class left long ago." and guess wht he replied? "Well done." HAHA! (i think he gave up on us) so i replied "Thank you." HAHAHHA

anyway, went to Marina Square. ate at Long John. then went to bowl. okay, more like watch the guys bowl. haha, not as hilarious as last time. but still had fun. then fernie came! =] hahaha, but too bad i gotta go back to school for band prac :S but anyways, here is a photo of shimah, kylie, sylvia and i in the marina square toilet :D

oh, and on our way there gretel and junxiang agreed to exchange bags with me and clar respectively. HA! seriously speaking, i think gretel really suits tote bag. HAHA. like mine :D WHEEE! look!

anyway, shouldn't have went back to school. was caught in the BLOODY heavy rain. :X and conductor also never come! arghh! they last minute changed it to TMR. but too bad. i can't go tmr. HA!

had a major good time laughing tonight. train abs :D thanks to tanky and lynette. HAHAHA! major cheaterbugs! HAHAHA. but it's good lah. good workout. HA!!!

anyway, gotta goooooo. :( late.

24 October 2006

You Are An ESFP

The Performer

You are a natural performer and happiest when you're entertaining others.
A great friend, you are generous, fun-loving and optimistic.
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What's Your Personality Type?

had dinner at crystal jade lamian and xiaolongbao yesterday! with fernie, pam, clar, darryl, leonard and chuanyang. haha! waited till we almost died of hunger. haha! well, went there cos we owed darryl a xiaolongbao treat. HA! cos of the bet. but in the end, darryl lost the zhong1 ji2 mi4 ma3. this was how he looked while eating a whole cabbage with vinegar, pepper, chilli, FATS, light sauce in it. EWWW.

then he tried to look cool after that! HAHA!

well, caught Deathnote at The Cathay after that. WOOHOO! the show's DAMN gd! hahhaha! yeah man! i'm gna read the comic and watch the anime soon! can't wait for the second movie to come out!!! AHHHHHH! anyway, spent my PW yesterday playing typer shark! haha, that game's addictive! hahaha, gna play it now! while waiting for 1330 to pick my group members up :D

22 October 2006

swam at gareth's today. haha! it was a SUPER last minute thing. cos fernie dear msged me while i was in church at 11+ asked if i wna swim since she's very free today. so i agreed. however, the weather turned really bad when we arrived at gareth's house. there was sudden showers. HAHA. thankgoodness it was shortlived =] then Mr Sun came out. haha! stupid uncle security guard shouted at us cos he didnt know the rain had stopped. HA! anyways, we had fun still! yippee! took lotsa photos!

Bright and Sunny!

anyway, then went to Potong Pasir to meet my group members to do PW. who knows when we got there they changed their mind and decided to go the Chuanyang's house. but fernie and i went to eat first. haha, then joined them at his house. PW was rather fun. haha, watched Jay Chou's concert while doing. HAHA, are we SLACK or wht? then went to Gelare at Hougang Mall and Pam came and join us :D WHEEEE! RUM&RASIN!

fnee, pam and i opening our eyes big and wide!

spent yesterday with the rojaks! haha, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TRIXIE! you're not one year older! wheee!! haha, so we had a stayover at tong's on friday night. then saturday went shopping then went to trix's hse for BBQ! hehe. ate like a pig i tell you! gosh! yesterday was the FIRST time i really barbequed. hahaha! quite fun! :D should have more gatherings like this!

we had a FUN time waitin for CCA to start on friday. these were some things why it was FUNny.

scandalous! aiyoooo!!

and laughing at Casper's is it MEAL or FEMEAL? hahahahha!

well, had a rather relaxing time on friday. had the FINALS of MRL Current Affairs Quiz. haha! watched some rather exciting competition between some exciting people. HA!

alrighties, it's PW time again! :X

19 October 2006

PW really spells the end of the world! actually i'm on MC, but had to go to school early this morning JUST for PW. but at least i'm home now! :D and i've finished my part! waitin for the rest to finish theirs then send to me and i'll do the organisation and stuff. :)

anyway, yesterday was the FIRST time in my entire school life that i left school early. it was REALLY early. left after one hour of econs lect. cos i really couldn't take it. my WHOLE nose was blocked, and had TERRIBLE sorethroat. so took green slip and went home. hibernated like a polar bear until lunchtime. HAHA! then watched Sesame Street, dozed off, woke up to see doctor. Took some pills from the doctor then went into hibernation mode till dinner time. which was 7pm. bathed, ate, then went online to do PW. :X TANKY-ou tanky for trying to help. HAHA, cos i was really qte pekchek yesterday. cos was not feelin very well. but thanks to my group members and tanky i manage to finish it by 1am :) haha.

alright, today like 8 people were absent from school. namely, Clar, Shimah, Darryl, Clarence, Zhengjie, Jeremy, Kenneth and i went home early. haha! great. then only three people went for Econs lect, Mr Liang msged me to report to him all those who didn't go for lect, but after i replied i'm not in school he didnt reply me. so :\

HAHA! anyway, tmr is friday alr! :D haha. though this weekend will be rather busy. with all the Oral Presentation (OP) and PW going on. and trixie's birthday this saturday! haha, still don't know the plans yet :X

oh, last sunday was Vivo City with Yi, Cuis and Fernie. HAHA. had lotsa fun! check out the album through fernie's blog or praadta blog :D

hmmmm, alright. i think i should go rest now :D my well-deserved rest!

14 October 2006

today is SAJC openhouse! haha, SAJC band had three timeslots of performance. alright, performances were just ALRIGHT. not excellent. but yeah, we had fun :D and yes, even though we got scolded this morning :X nvm, :] haha, had an hour break in between the second and third performance. spent it playing board games with tanky. haha! he koped the mini multiple board games set from the councillors. haha! played chinese checkers, checkers, tic-tac-toe and fei1 ji1 qi2. haha, trashed him FLAT in chinese checkers! haha, he won more tic-tac-toe games though. and we drew for checkers! haha! cos i JUST learnt it today. haha.

anyway, yesterday ended school at 1215, while waiting for CCA to start, some of our classmates were just chilling in the cafe. haha, doodling on rachel's foolscap. check out their work of art :)

all these were drawn by darryl, chuanyang and casper.

this is supposedly Clarence. drawn by Darryl. haha, distinguished by the HIGH forehead. haha! don't know why clarence is a duck though.

this is a crocodile, drawn by Chuanyang.

this is Darryl's well-known elephant. haha! this is like the best thing he can draw. haha!

this supposedly a gorilla, drawn by Casper. he said he drew it according to Leonard. HAHA! well, i must compliment him for the slight resemblance. haha!

oh and yesterday we had TWO hours of PW lecture, so bored me tried doing weird stuff. like wearing tanky's ULTRA big and cushioned shoes. haha!

it's REALLY big know! so big until tanky himself can jump off and leave his shoes at the original spot. HAHA!

yeah man. all these small things make our life slightly more intersting! :D

tmr's praAdta outing! :D yay! can't wait! hahaha. also WHEEE-DAY! haha, oh man. miss those WHEEE-DAYS. haha, when we bring our a soft top everyweek. and tmr we're suppose to dress the same colour as our soft toys. HAHA.

alright, shall anticipate it with eggcitement! haha, yeah man. but for now gotta dampen my moods with F-ing PW! :\

and the SICKENING haze. :X

11 October 2006

CONGRATS S24 for our commendable effort put into today's Amazing Race. HAHA. can you believe it? i think it's AMAZING that my class can get 2nd in the WHOLE cohort in this Amazing Race, HAHA. we started off just strolling around. but ended up being the FIRST class in Gomes House to complete the race. hahah! that shows HOW SLACK gomesians are. haha! anyway, we went on to win the 1st runner-up position in the ice-cream eating competition. competing to see which class can finish 16 scoops of Ben&Jerry's haha! anyway, thanks to Clarence, Gabriel and Yilyn we came in second!!! YAY!!! :D

anyway, the rest of the day was spent waitin for CCA to start and CCA. :X

anyway, check out our glorious smiles!

alright, yay! go S24! i'm sure we'll still be S24 ALTOGETHER next yr! :D

10 October 2006

promos are over! that's one happy thing. but getting back results is another. haha. but well, i'm think i didn't score well. but should be able to promote. =) so yeah.

anyway, talk about happy moments. went TANNING in the SMOKE on saturday with clar, yi and fernie! hahaha. it was rather hopeless. we were trying to play mahjong and cards at the beach, well, it was tough. but yeah. HAHA. we DID it. had fun and laughter! awwww, poor cuis didn't go with us cos her promos only end this week. oh well, don't wry cuis! we'll go again! :D haha. anyway, then went to PS to have dinner! kimchi omelette! :)

Sunday, had S24 class outing! :D went to marina south. haha, played arcade. YEAH MAN! i beat all of them flat in Hyper Bishi Bashi. then i tried to play the fighting game but i lost, AWWWW. hahah! then we watched the guys play daytona. and i bet that leonard will win! AWWWW, at first it was a draw in the first round cos clar and sylvia bet hoyun will win but darryl won. so yeah, we drew. then second round! DING DING DING! this time they bet clarence will win, but AWWWW too bad. leonard still beat him. HAHA. yay! and because of that i'm gonna get two free milo drinks from clarence! hahaha! thanks leonard! hahaha. after arcade we head down to the bowling alley for a GOOD LAUGH. hahaha! it was hilarious watching the guys play bowling. as in seriously PLAY. hahaha, things like darryl bowling backwards, and clarence following suit, but a rather different outcome! HAHA!

after a good workout for our stomach of cause we head down to fill our empty stomach with yummy steamboat food! haha, it was a good deal cos the auntie there is jinyu's godma. so our meal like's $10 each? haha, after dinner we stroll down to the riverside. took photos, shared ghost stories... haha, then head back home. awwwww, cos we have school the next day.

oh anyway, SAJC Openhouse is THIS SATURDAY!

St Andrews Junior College
14 October 2006
walk-able from Potong Pasir MRT

do come down and check us out! haha!

anyways, today is Project Work day. so we do nothing but Project Work only. and tomorrow is Amazing Race. WOW. how exciting. HAHA. okayys, shall go off for PW :\

05 October 2006

yay! promos are ending! :D ONE MORE DAY to JOHN TUCKER! :DDDD

i'm still excited, even though i just screwed my math paper today. physics wasn't much better. but who cares! :) all i care is it's GNA be over soon! and hmmm, apparently i'm suppose to be studying geog now. but well, hai. don't even know where my notes are. okay okay. i think i shall just wait for my xiaolongbao treat! :D HAHA. thanks tanky!

01 October 2006


awwww, you know sometimes it's good to relive our childhood. haha. like this

they are my nieces and nephew. haha, aren't they just adorable? haha. well, they sure are NOT camera shy! hahaha. got so excited when i asked them to take photo. haha!

oh well, on the other hand. today's studying is very productive. haha, watched two shows, went for a walk to NTUC with my aunt, uncle, nephew and niece. then yeah, tried to study econs... to no avail. HAHA. oh well, it's alright. sunday should be rest day anyway :D hahahaha.

alright then, i should TRY to study :X HAHA.