28 October 2007

now, in case everyone's very bothered by the fact that As is just TWO DAYS AWAY. hope this will make you all feel better :) but well, it's the countdown to the day i end exam, which is 20 November. so if you're one of those unlucky arts students, then you gotta add a few more days to the countdown yourself. haha. :P

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23 October 2007

found this from Wei Hao's blog. hehe. quite fun.

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hello! pardon me for leaving my blog to die. :P just life is too boring nowadays to deserved to be blogged about. haha! but last friday, something MORE interestin than usual happened ;)

Rojaks went to Fish&Co, Glasshouse to celebrate Trixie's 18th birthday!! :D hehe. yupp. this is the most interesting that happened in weeeks. (sad to say) oh well, so here are some photos to speak for themselves. haha!

Colleen and I

New York Fish&Chips, Baked Salmon, Black Pepper Stingray :)

Our dearest Birthday Girl

Angel and Devil

Happy Halloween

The Guys

Check out the funniest moment of the night

<3 Rojaks (minus Mel, Tong and Shyanne)