26 March 2006

haha, now saturdays are swimming days! :D went to gareth's house to swim yesterday. after a LOOOONG day of band. :X

nowadays, we have band prac on saturdays from NINE to FOUR. GOSH! ahhhhh. i think perc section almost died of boredom yesterday! cos we had combined sectionals with the brass section and they like take FOREVER to reach the part that i needa play. and guess what? i only needa roll on the suspended cymbals for 12 bars and i can REST for the rest of the piece. HAHA. hmmm, anyway, okay lah. i hope future saturdays practice will be MORE interesting. well, we had a fun time BONDING with our section at least :]

anyway, back to the swimming part. YAY! swam with fernie, alvan and gareth. AWWWW. missed ronald and amos. STUPID amos gotta work and ronald had to attend some wedding dinner.

oh anyways! i'm excited! my bro's getting married this year! YAY! how exciting! :D wheeeeee! hahahaha.

oh! and i'm excited bout shuyan's return from melbourne too! she's coming back on 8 april. YAY! rojakians can once again go out and have fun! :DD

anyway, i'm proud of myself today! i practised violin for 2hours, then practise strokes, and played some piano. cos of yesterday's AWESOME performance by benjamin and the piano. it motivated me. haha. cos like it struck me that i'm taking the diploma this year, BUT somehow, i don't seem THAT good. haha! like GOSH. you shld have seen ben played yesterday. the piano was like ON FIRE? haha, according to nicholas, our vice-pres. HAHA! cos they made ben perform on the piano to show the bandies WHAT is REAL musicality. HAHA. and yupp! i'm sure MOST of us are like motivated now. to create REAL music. and yupp! i better work hard on percs. cannot disappoint my seniors :X haha!

anyways, next week REAL school's gna start. i think i'll most probably DIE or something? cos i still can't seem to adapt to STUDY mode. my body is still in HOLIDAY mode :S for some reason or other. this week we had lecture timetable, thus was like super slack. oh gosh! i pray that i will have ample self-discipline to pull through this two years of JC life. so that i can achieve good results for As. :D yeshhhh!