04 March 2006


of cos i love it! :D haha, cos it's done by YOU! haha, my dearest. haha! anyway, all thanks to diary-x now i have to start afresh :S

but, nevermind! since it's a new year! new beginning! :D and HOPEFULLY blogger will not disappoint us :] haha! anyway, yay! finally started to settle into my new environment. the big SAINTS family. :D haha! i'm sooooo glad audrey is coming to SA to join us. :D wheeee! finally there's somebody from my primary school. HAHA! but well, sad that SOME people have to leave too. like YONGJIAN! ahhhhh! leaving us for your VICTORIA family. :( but well, ALL THE BEST TO YOU! and please do not forget us man! you BETTER appreciate the ROJAKIANS. :D

anyway, haha. just got back from march camp meeting. WAH, my march holidays are GONE, as usual. haha! but it's alright! :D hahaha. at least i think i'll enjoy it. haha, anyways, settling into SA band too. haha! hopefully can bond more with the band people. cos 1st intake things still not really very steady. so yeah! hopefully after 2nd intake we can have proper orientation then can know everybody better :) haha! anyways, i know our "hell" kinda practice will start after march hols to prepare for the concert :X haha! gosh! nevermind! as SAINTS, we're EVERY READY! :D hahahaha! bring it on man! hahaha!

anyway, here's to 06S22 of SAJC : THANK YOU GUYS for making my 1st two months so enjoyable! haha, especially to ERIC - thanks for all your lame jokes! haha, that cracked us up. :] haha! anyways, JOYCE! i'm gonna miss you hell lot! :(:( please stay in contact man! haha, can update me bout NJ. haha! DEXTER - take care man! and rest more so you can have a speedy recovery! NICHOLAS and KOK - haha! yay! cheers to ROJAKS! :D haha, see ya at Orientation 2!

to the ROJAKIANS : THANK YOU GUYS for really adding all the fun to my life for these two months. haha! and yupp! ROCK ON! :] see ya LATER! hahahaha!

to my OLD friends : don't worry! it's now like what amos said, i'll NEVER forget you all lah! cos you all are still my bestest BUDS! haha! even though you all are gonna be in the same school besides me :(:(:( and even though you all have to wear your BLUUUUUU uniform, while i get to wear NICE uni :D i'll still LOVE you all. haha! and we should really stop the "school war" haha! yupp! i don't care! we still study together on saturdays? :D haha!

here's polar ber's love to all!