11 March 2006

went back for St Nicks FIESTA today. gosh! it was quite fun. just a pity that i had meeting till like 2++. gosh, so like by the time i reached, most of the good food have been sold out. :( met up with NA! haha, gosh. miss her SOO much! haha, but SN fiesta really rocked man! haha, guess what? we even had arcade games like daytona, super bishi bashi, dance dance revolution, para para BLAH BLAH. haha! it's really DAMN fun man! haha, nan says it's even better than funorama. :DDDD

like DUH. but three years ago was better in the sense that EVERY classroom was nicely decorated and there was more stalls doing henna and hair braiding. :D haha, but what improved was the sound system and the organisation. thanks to mrs goh :] haha! thank you everybody for making this fiesta so successful! :D thank you NA!

anyway, thank god it only starting pouring after fiesta officially ended. :] if not, WAH. i can't imagine :S

anyway, march hols are like USELESS. it doesn't even look like holidays to me :\ how sad.

i'm SO tired after all the orientation. after all the shouting, screaming, physically draining stuff. :X alright, so BYE. like dozing off here. zzzzZZZZZZZZZZ