18 March 2006

went to busk under the sun at palawan beach today. but wasn't THAT successful. thanks to Mr Sun who hid behind those BIG FAT clouds. :X haha! but nevertheless, we enjoyed ourselves!

even though there was only FOUR of us :X what a GOH YAU YAU outing. haha!

anyway, went to swensens for dinner after that. met up with qiuning and cuis. WAH, havnt seen them for a LONG LONG TIME. and yi also!

haha, jus LOOK AT THE APPLE CRUMBLE. haha, i regretted buying Sticky Chewy Chocolate. haha, should have either bought apple crumble or chocolate crunch. :D

anyway, this HOLIDAY is coming to an end :( how sad, doesn't even feel like a holiday. but nvm. :D i'm excited to wear my new uniform on monday. :] WHEEEE!