30 April 2006

had a J1 BBQ party at the whiteman's house. HAHA. the whiteman is Mr Glosz, SAJC band conductor. haha! really ate our fill! look at this!

haha! this proves that GIRLS won't lose to GUYS man! hahaha! watch our appetite man!

anyway, it was quite fun lah. haha! now we know who SOME people wanna shoot, shag and marry. HAHA!

alright, anyways, SAJC band concert is coming REAL soon. like in another FIVE DAYS? OH NO! ahhhhhhh!

nvm! i'm sure we'll do a great job!

anyways, i've already sacrificed my chance to watch St Nicks cheerleading cos of band prac. it better be good man. YAH! YELLOW is third!! but NVM! our theme is cool! so is our cheer!!! =]=]=] hahahahha! yeah man!

haha, anyways, tmr gotta do GP presentation :X nvm nvm, better get it over and done with.

AHHHH! waiting for YCS exco mtg to see my BESTIE :D that's like my ONLY chance i can see her. :( miss her SOOO badly. i feel so guilty for not going back to stnicks with her last friday. AHHHH! but cannot lah. in order not to disappoint her this coming friday, i gotta prac hard! :D I KNW YOU UNDERSTAND! :]

anyways, hmmmmm, i'm pretty excited bout concert actually. but it's really quite sad too. cos it's gonna be SOME PEOPLE's LAST concert. AWWWWWWWW. we'll definitely miss those seniors man! AWWWWWW! cos i know withour them, the perc section WILL be different. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

but nevertheless, we will still put in our best effort! yay!!!!!

alrighty! time for me to go! haha. lalala!