27 April 2006

hmmm, it has been really a LOOOOONG time since i've blog. haha, this blog has been stagnant for like God knows how long. haha. anyway, that's cos i'm always so busy with everything :S like just had Band Camp from last friday to sunday. it was really tiring, but worthwhile. :D really got to know our seniors better :] haha! slept at the tennis court on the second night. it was rather cool! haha, we spent the last night bonding with the section, then we went to roam around the school at like 3am. haha, then sylvia, zhi qi, peace, ben, joo yeow and i decided to go to the tennis court and (oops) we saw a couple lying in the middle of the tennis court. haha, shan't disclose who are they. but anyway, it was cool!

check out me and rebecca and BLUE FOCUS

band camp was rather fun. (weirdly fun) haha, we had fun climbing up the ladder to the ceiling at the backstage. haha! had fun ROLLING around on the roller chairs. haha! and yupp! prepared for our concert

05 May 2006
SAJC Cultural Centre

anyways, then was busy doing my PI before that lah. stupid S**** rejected everything. then gotta redo. thank god i've finished :DDD haha!

anyway, i'm angray/sad/disappointed that i can't go back for St Nicks sports carnival tomorrow. :S cos of band prac. AHHHHH! miss my bestie soo much! nvm dear! hopefully can see you on monday! haha, at exco mtg. yupp! and yeshhh! missed VJ dance concert cos of band camp. so sorry felicia! couldn't go support you! but fret not! for i was there SPIRITUALLY :] haha! and gosh! i just realise that i might not be able to make it for

SAJC dance concert
04 August 2006

ONCE again! cos of bamd prac :X haiii, sad man. think clar's gna kill me. cos i've alr promise her that i'll support her. HOW NOW?? :(

anyway, on monday i was SOOOO tired after PE cos i only slept for two hours on sunday morning, i was sleeping on the gallery. and CHEEKOPEK class rep happily went to pose beside me and took photo. HAHA! cos i'm the polar bear of the class. HAHA!

haha! see what i mean! thanks lah CHEEKO!

anyway, we had praadta bonding that day on good friday :] miss them soo much! we just chilled at my house but it's still nice. gosh! i'm really missing days in StNicks. just those WHEEE-DAYS. orange bowl days! rou wan mian sian days! :X hai, NO MORE OF ANY OF THOSE! how sad! and no more HERWOOD. hahaa!

anyway anyway, i should go sleep. tired lahs. :\