08 April 2006

yay! happy ber is happy now! cos she just finished typing and editing her script for tmr's YCS spiritual day! :D wheeee!

and ber is happy cos she went out with her darlingS today! haha, first had a CG outing to dao hui. then had a NICE, BITCHY talk with clarDARLING. haha. we had FUN! ranking ppl. hahahahhaha! then went to chill at the mrt cos like fernie says only needa meet at FOUR! and i was already on NEL at THREE. so we stopped at boon keng and just sat at the bench and TALKED. haha. and LAUGHED. haha.

we were majorly trying to ACT. haha, but FAILED TERRIBLY. haha, had like THOUSANDS of NGs. hahaha! it was TOTALLY hilarious. we were SO glad boon keng is most of the time, EMPTY. haha!

anyway, after that met up with fernie and desiree and went to shop shop shop. though i only WINDOW shopped. haha, but it's ALWAYS nice to meet friends :D haha. and it was fun to have FUN in the fitting room. haha! check this one out man!

haha! yeah man! those fitting rooms are nice and cosy! just the RIGHT place for afternoon naps for SLACKY salesgirls like REE lah. haha!

anyways, tomorrow is YCS spiritual day. WAHHH, tmr's a LOOOOOOOONG day. cos before that i still gotta go for band. hmmm, anyway, speaking bout band. SAJC band is having a CONCERT on 6 May 2006 at SAJC Cultural Centre and tickets are at a LOW LOW LOW price of ONLY $6!!! [which is only 1buck more than CO's and GOSH! our repertoire is DUH much nicer and CHALLENGING! thus, it's REAL, VALUE-FOR-MONEY concert! :D]

anyway, besides the SAJC band concert, VJC dance is also having a performance on 21 & 22 april at VJ. tickets priced at $10. yupp! gna support FELICIA YEO. she's having sth like a solo performance. so DO GO DOWN TO SUPPORT HER! :]

alright, i really gotta run to bed. if not tmr i'll REALLY look like panda ber, instead of polar ber. :)