14 May 2006


today's mothers' day. haha, going to jack's place for dinner later. YAY!

haha, there's another happy thing that happened this week :D which is... our section stayover at peace's house on Vesak Day till saturday! WHEEEE! haha, it was quite cool man! peace's house is like HUGE?! goshhh! i think we should have more stayovers! ;)

anyway, joo yeow and i arrived at her house at like THREE in the afternoon? cos it was the designated time of meeting, but SOMEHOW.. jasmine and sylvia only turned up at 1645, zhi qi only came at 8+ at night [cos she says she's only COMING, not RUSHING] HAHA! and wanling and yingjia only came at about 9+ , 10. then ben came, and finally rebecca came after the college play. haha, so there you have it - our percussion
section minus momo and lilian. :( so alright, we ordered canadian pizza and KFC for dinner. haha, cos ALL of us were too lazy to go out to buy food, and yupp! we had the slave of the section - LJY. hahaha! he was like peace's 2nd maid in the house. HAHA. until jasmine came, she was like the housekeeper, opened gates for guest, prepare the food and blah blah. HAHA. lucky peace! what a TAI TAI. hahahaha!

alright, so when EVERYBODY came, we watched drumline. yupp! cool show! haha, and after the show, yingjia played some ballet show, which of cos dont interest much people. and after much deciding, they changed to saturday night fever. HA! but in the end nobody watched it cos we decided to just listen to our concert and talk. yupp! so we talked and blah blah abit, slept at about 3+, 4 in the morning. haha! it was really quite amazing that we could actually wake up in time for band. HAHA. and we actually wanted to order macs breakfast, but no one could wake up in time to order, so we skipped breakfast. :X

oh man! i'm starting to miss the stayover!

me and wanling looking at ____
i kinda miss the craziness of yingjia and jasmine that night. haha! due to the bacardi. HAHA.

anyways, we had section brunch after band, then J1 section outing to swee lee and national library. i tell you it's the COOLEST section outing ever! haha, i mean how many sections actually go hang out at the library, looking at other schools' yearbooks and bitch. haha! and actually we were only whispering, but this old lady had to go complain about us, so the librarian came and told us to shuush. WHATEVER. we weren't even disturbing anyone! ayee, but it's alright. it's still the coolest section outing ever. haha! though rebecca spent most of the time sleeping. HAHA. sometimes we're really pretty jealous bout her, since she really loves to eat and sleep, and she really does eat and sleep alot, but she's still so tall and sleek. :X how unfair.

anyways, i donno what happened to blogger. but i can't see anything on my blog except the background. and so i wanted to blog again, but i can't remember what i said just now. so i shall just end here. :]