11 May 2006

lalala! i just had the SLACKEST day in my JC life. haha! i mean, not like i've been very hardworking for the past five months. but today is SERIOUSLY the SLACKEST day EVER! haha. cos my class, 06S24 had like FIVE HOURS of break. i mean that is only for those who don't take chinese. but even for those who take chinese they had 3.5hours of break. which if obviously not bad already. haha! so WHY did i have TEN periods of break? HAHA. it's all cos NO SUZIE = NO GP + PW! HAHAHA! shioks only! so i practically spent the whole day in the Student Centre? i think they guys played carrom until sian, changed to monopoly. and jeremy can play until backache. like LAO AH PEK i tell you. haha. so our whole class was like in the SC. except the scholars and IT. anyway, it was fun lah. played the (whtevr you call it) game. HAHA. the one which you scoop the marbles and drop it one by one blah blah. HAHA. anyways, really enjoyed today's school. cos we only attended TWO LECTURES in total. :DDDD wheeeee! i hope we have more of this type of school days. haha! and tomorrow is Vesak Day! which adds to my joy! gonna have a section stayover at peace's house. :] WHEEEE! alright alright, i better contain my excitement for tmr. HAHA :D