10 May 2006

yay! no band prac today! to let us rest :D so we did some cleaning up of the band room, since the band room was in a BIG mess after the concert. haha! but cos we cleared up our percussion instruments and stuff already. so peace, zhiqi and i ended up packing the percussion archives. GOSH! you should have seen the AMOUNT of papers/scores. HAHA! and so after our section mates finish packing, they decided to lay out ALL our sticks/mallets/timpani sticks/bass drums sticks/even chimes mallets. haha. check this out!

haha, how is it man? cool eh? HAHA. anyways, friday is Vesak Day. YAY! no school! and we're gna have section stayover at peace's house. haha! how exciting!

anyway, today is a rather slack day too. cos no SUZIE! hahaha! so we had like two and a half hours of break. slacked at the Student Centre. haha! and tomorrow we're gonna have FIVE HOURS plus of break. cos NO SUZIE = NO GP + NO PW! HAHHAHAHA! how cool is that? and plus we don't have chinese. WAHHH. shioks only! :DDDD

haha, i bet many of you are jealous? haha! awwwwwwww. ;P