06 May 2006

yesterday was SAJC band concert, SAINTS ASCENCIO!!! :D:D

i think it was not bad. though i think it was more succesful during the rehearsals. :X cos i screwed up my xylo part and vibes part for Impressions of Japan :X hai. but nevermind, thankgoodness second half was more interesting since we played narnia and when saints march around the world. haha! cos SOME PEOPLE say the first half was very boring =( hai, but we've really really put in our utmost effort in preparing for the concert already! like LATE nights, intensive practice!

anyway, to all SAJC BAND MEMBERS, esp PERCUSSION SECTION: YOU GUYS DID A WONDERFUL JOB YTD! :D yay! just keep up the good work for perth trip! :] haha, even though you may screw up your part. just take it as a learning experience for perth trip! c: yay!!

to the perc seniors
momo: thanks! you've been a GREAT SL! leading us through this period of preparations for the concert. we'll NV pull through this concert without you man! thanks for making us laugh with your stupidity. HAHA! and silliness!
lilian: thanks for teaching me mallets! :D and yay! without you animations will never sound that nice :]
joo yeow: thank you for enduring the pain in your back just to put up a good drumline performance! :D and you are really appreciated by all of us! even though you seem to be the one always kena shoot by us. HAHA! but don't worry! and yupp! we should have a BBQ soon!!! :DDDDD go organise k. yay!
peace: thanks for your encouragement and compliments! and definitely your VORANGE! hahaha! i think you did a great job too! yeshhh! i love your suspended lah!
ben: HAPPY EARLY EIGHTTEENTH BIRTHDAY! anyway, you did a absolutely fantanstic job! without you, i really can't imagine who will play your snare part for IOJ. haha. anyway, keep up the good work for perth! :D hahaha.

J1 percs
sylvia: you did a great job k! don't be too discouraged by wht the whiteman says. cos yeshh! just treat it like an experience for us to perform even better in perth :D
zhiqi: yay! you did a great job on the drumset k! so must continue working hard and be a GOOD drummer :D but of cos, not in comparison with momo and ben lah. :X haha.
wanling: THANKS FOR YOUR BLAZER soooo much! haha! i think it's really god's will man! hahaha, mine too small and yours too big. and TADA! yay!!! mutual swop does the magic! hahaha! anyway, great job done! can't wait for perth to rock the house down together!
yingjia: i think you're really a good dancer knw! haha, and even peace says you did a great roll on the gong! keep up the good work for perth alright? :]
jasmine: hey geisha! hahah! i know the pronouciation now k. hahaha! anyway, thanks for the correction for my IOJ part. and yesh! i'll work hard on my rolls on mallets :D aren't you excited bt perth? :D
rebecca: HEY! WOW! your vibes part of animations is really very good! thanks to your numerous practice. i can dare say you practice the MOST among the J1 percs! keep it up! really hope you can go for perth trip knw! cos we need you! everyone in percussion section is important k! :] so quickly decide k!

alrighty. in conclusion, SAJC band rocks! :D woohoo!