15 June 2006

last minute stayover at fernie's ytd :D haha. it all started out with supposedly "studying" with clar in school. haha. but well, how bout we were supposed to meet at 11, she arrived at 1115 while i arrived at 1045. haha! so i was falling asleep while fossilising at the busstop. anyways, after clar came we went to broadway to wait for yann yee to come meet us. so yupp. YY came at about nearly 12 i think. waited for her to finish her lunch. then we went to SAJC to "STUDY". haha. met cindy and clar's other friends. haha. spent like FOREVER trying to find a clean table in cafe. BUT, to NO AVAIL. EVERY TABLE IS COVERED WITH A LAYER OF DUST and some other stains. EEEEEYER. anyways, after we FINALLY chose our table and settle down to study it was already 1+. HAHA.

and, as usual, GIRLS. hahaha. just keep talking. haha. and we realised we wanted to watch a movie. so, we all agreed to watch she's the man at 1515. after MUCH persuading of clar. hai! but THANKGOODNESS we caught it. it's DAMN GOOD! hahaha. i soooooooo love DUKE. he's SOOOOOOO friggin HOT! HANDSOME! COOL! and everything Sporean guys are not. HAHA.

anyways, called fernie up to watch with us(AGAIN) haha. since she already caught the show. but nevertheless, good shows deserve a second watching. HAHA! my england power many many pls.

anyways, so to see my beloved, i agreed to pay for her show :]

sooooo, after the show we went shopping. HAHA. with fernie, clar, cindy, charmaine, yann yee. yupp! all girls pls! :D

after which fernie and i went down to raffles city to support my brother's a capella group's perf. haha. had a good dinner and some heart-to-heart talk at MOS. :) followed by some strolling around. and FINALLY, after MUCH trouble persuading my parents i went to stayover at fernie's haha!

what a lovely day!

watched I Not Stupid Too at fernie's while she was TRYING to study econs. haha. and at 3am we went down to Macs to catch Germany VS Poland. gosh! Macs was like pretty crowded? but well, THANK GOD Germany scored! if not i'll kill myself for watching 90min of NOTHING. haha. yupp! i was soooo expecting a 0-0 result.

alrighty, i think i was suppose to blog about the perth trip. but hai, donno why i can't upload photos now. well, and i'm rather lazy. HAHA. so TOO BAD! anyway, i'm like currently suffering from the post-perth-syndrome. :X everything in Singapore now seems sucky to me :\ it's like when i'm on the road i'll be thinking "if only i'm still in Perth, at least the air is not at polluted. there's like lesser noise and other pollution. there are more better looking people. (HAHA)" but seriously, hai, Spore sucks. :X how i wish i can stay in Perth. but i only came back cos of my friends :D and the only good thing about Singapore is you get to suntan ALL YEAR ROUND :]]] wheeee! hahaha.

anyway, can't wait for this saturday to see dear fnee agn. and not forgetting clar and ree too :)