18 June 2006

STUDYING at sentosa? can you believe it? oh well, actually i didn't study much cos i was like de-hydrated? and almost fainted. HAHA. can you imagine? people die IN the waters of sentosa, i almost died on the shore. HAHA! ayeeee, all thanks to don't know who who drank up my bottle of water. but it's alright. cos i had desiree to the rescue with a bottle of mineral water. HAHA! it was quite scary actually. my first time, seriously FIRST TIME felt like the world was spinning, and everything was a blur.

oh well, we still had fun! even though not as fun as if we don't have to worry about our STUPID common test. so like HOPEFULLLY, the next time we go to sentosa we won't be worrying about studies. HAHA. and i made a conclusion that if we really wanna study i gotta bring my shades cos the sun is simply unbearably glaring! haha!

and i found something rather amusing yet at the same time insulting. HAHA. cos we realised someone's dog is called BERBER. HAHAH! or is it burbur? brrrbrrr? it was like quite funny cos we heard a woman call "BERBER!" so i turned around! then saw her chasing after a dog. HAHA! gosh!

can't wait for our(clar&i) pepper lunch treat from clarence tomorrow. HAHA! he was like soooo dumb to bet with BOTH clar and i that we will pass our physics test. and in the end our WHOLE class failed. haha! and he really gonna treat us to PEPPER LUNCH. haha! nice class rep indeed. haha. :D