25 June 2006

WAH! school's reopening tomorrow! OH MY GOSH! save me! i hate A levels. i hate school. gosh, how i wish we have summer holidays that lasts till september :( hai, anyway, i'm like rather screwed? i can SOOO forsee my Common Test results : SSS. thanks man. i just hope i can be promoted at the end of the year. and i ABSOLUTELY hate PW. i can so predict i'll get a Band 3? hai, well. i think it's all due to fact that school's reopening when i havn't even spend enough time with friends, that is why i'm like becoming depress now.

thankgoodness i don't have to go school tomorrow. cos it's their Chinese paper. so to all those taking Mother Tongue! ALL THE BEST! :D and to the J2s: GOOD LUCK for block test! :]