21 September 2006


haha, poor jie mei, clarence. he had to carry this HUMONGOUS disney princess balloon around school today. haha! given by the councillors. and even if you don't know his birthday you will also know. HAHA. it CAN'T be missed. and his head got SMASHED into his nice birthday cake. HAHA! poor thing. and nelly and cheryl came and cake his face somemore. HAHA. well, turning 17 is sure not easy for clarence. but well, i think he enjoyed it :D right? HAHA.

anyway, we were bored during chinese break, as usual. haha. so we (shimah, kylie, yuting and i) came out with nicknames for ALL the guys in our class. haha! here goes...
Clarence - Jie Mei
Leonard - Lynette(side view) / King Kong(front view)
Darryl - Tanky / Mr Tsunami / Mr Tornado
Ho Yun - Mr Tinted Specs
Jeremy - Mr Candyman
Casper - Mr Ghostly
Esmond - Tweety Bird
Zhengjie - Mr Long
Gabriel - Gretel
Junxiang - Monsterman
Jason - Mr President
Luke - IT
Kenneth - Kenned
Chuan Yang - Ka Zua (which means cockroach)
Jin Yu - Magic Man

haha! how cool! yay! and we've definitely trained them well :) cos they do respond to their nicknames now. yay!

anyways, have i told you i really HATE PW? argggggghhhh. :X