17 September 2006



oh, in case you are wondering what's those colourful things on the heart. they're suppose to form HBDY. and they're actually M&M kisses :)

fernaye! hope you liked your bday spent with us! yesterday at gareth's was hilarious! esp with alvan the dinosaur! HAHA, MobCity and LOST. HAHA. i totally enjoyed myself though it was only for a very short while. hai, i'm SOOO sorry i couldn't stay. anyways, really glad you LOVED those cookies ree and i baked for you! haha, though it was imperfect but our heart and soul were put into baking it. so YEAH! :D

anyways, on friday two of my dearest classmates gave me this

HAHA! i bet it's free, cos there's HP inks printed on it. but well, it's the thought that counts. so, THANK gretel han and junxiang! haha! alright then. back to my Fing EoM. :X