04 September 2006

hmmm, i think i should try to keep my blog alive now that i've tried my best to make a nice template. but knowing me, i'm not exactly very IT savvy, there's still some flaws here and there. but well, at least it's still presentable :D so we should hereby give a round of applause for Bernadette Goh for her commendable effort! for making a blog template without ANY help for the FIRST time! WHEEEE!


had a nice, filling, delicious dinner at AMK Jacks' Place. :D haha! shared Mixed Grill with fernie. haha! can't imagine what will happen to me without her! and shared Fresh Oysters with nan. haha. and i think they're giving him some slight bowel problems now. haha! well, i guess it'll be my turn tmr :P anyway, miss ROJAKS loads too! can't wait for THIS SATURDAY! :] tong and my birthday celebration at his house!!! :D haha! can't wait to see all the rojakians, lin ze and fernie agn! haha! we still had fun even though it was just a simple dinner :D haha. (must be the oysters. HAHAHA)

alright, i think i should sleep early. after suffering through FOUR FREAKIN HOURS of econs today. i think i REALLY need some rest. haha!

saw this litle thing qte interesting ;P

sage: Can you name 11 people you can think of right off the top of your head? Don't read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 11 people...This is a lot funnier if you actually
randomly list the names first...No Cheating!!!

1) Fernie
2) Alvan
3) Gareth
4) Amos
5) Ronald
6) Clarissa
7) Jean
8) Xinyi
9) Cuishan
10) Trixie
11) Tong

How did you meet 10?
- [Trixie] qte a long story actually. haha! cos i was neither in the same OG nor CG as her. i think i met her through shuyan.

What would you do if you had never met 6?
- [Clarissa] praAdta will only have 4 people =( and there won't be anyone to help me with my work! :((

What would you do if 6 and 2 dated?
- [Clarissa and Alvan] HAHA! it'll be qte hilarious! seeing how clar gets irritated by alvan. but it won't be possible since alvan is not available anymore. (awww)

Have you ever seen 4 cry?
- [Amos] nope! at least not in front of me.

Do you think 1 is pretty?
- [Fernie] YUPP! she's pretty in my eyes! :D

Tell me something about number 11
- [Tong] HE'S RICH.

How do you know 8?
- [Xinyi] my sec 3 and 4 classmate and cliquemate! :D

Would you ever go on a date with number 5?
- [ronald] NOPE! NEVER! NOT AT ALL!

What's 7's favorite color?
- [Jean] RED! RED! RED!

What would you do if 2 confessed he/she liked you?
- [Alvan] that day will NEVER come. HAHA! cos he's already taken. and he'll NEVER like me anw. HAHA.

Fact about 9:
- [Cuishan] she's known as duck among praAdta, but known as SHARK among TJcians. HAHA!

Who is 6 going out with?
- [Clarissa] ERM. her dad?! no one lah. it's kinda hard, yknw. HAHA.

Who is number 5 to you?
- [Ronald] a rather good friend =)

Would you ever live with 11?
- [Tong] erm, maybe?

Is 2 single?
- [Alvan] nope, i think this is like the THIRD time i'm saying. HAHA.

How much does 3 mean to you?
- [Gareth] used to mean a HELL lot. but well, he still means qte a fair amount to me.

What do you think about 1?
- [Fernie] SHE'S MINE!

What's the best thing about number 8?
- [Xinyi] she's just so sweet, she'll brighten your day with her BIG, ROUND, SHINY eyes and nice and cheerful smile! :D

What do you dislike about number 10?
- [Trixie] nothing much?

Favorite Memory with 6?
- [Clarissa] those times we spent doing nonsensical stuff which makes us laugh our ass off!

quite fun isn't it? haha!