19 September 2006

JC life is THAT boring. it sucks to NOT have a home room. we gotta drag ALL our stuff EVERYWHERE. after EVERY lesson, we gotta find a place to sit down, walk about with our not-very-light bag. hai, but THIS is what makes our life in JC a little less bearable :D

and guess who's that poor soul? HAHA! TADA!!

it's our dear own TANKY! haha, Mr Tsunami pls! haha, well done! :D

anyway, as you can see in the first photo, our FLIRTATIOUS class rep flirting with tanky's first wife. HAI, his wives are turning LES pls.

alright, this is to add a little joy to our LOOOOONG and torturous day. :X

anyways, i think we should come out with nicknames for EVERY guy in our class. then it'll really make our JC life more fun :)

for e.g.
Lynette for Leonard
Tanky for Darryl
Jie Mei for Clarence
Mr. Long for Zhengjie
Mr. Candyman for Jeremy
Mr. Ghostly for Casper
Tweety Bird for Esmond

and still more to come ;) haha! alright, enough of these jokes. it's back to sickening PW :\