03 September 2006

ONE WEEK is all you need for many many many things to happen. happy and sad. joyous and grave matters.

just LAST SATURDAY, i spent one of my happiest day of my life. simply being with the FEW nicest friends i have. simply just walkin around looking for a place to eat can be THAT enjoyable when the people you are with are THOSE you treasure THAT dearly. hai, sad to say, we no longer can just see each other in class everyday. take each other's presence for granted like what i did back in Sec Four Grace. :\ i really miss praadta! JEAN! why must you choose to go canada? hai, but anyway, there's nothing much i can do. except to wait for your return to singapore next year. :X time really seems to crawl when you miss someone. but it FLIES like no one's business when you are enjoying the company of the special people in your life. just like last saturday. even if it's just dinner at marche. it was THAT fun. haha! took photos! but still with clar. hmmmm, well, jean! since you're in uni already. pls! take care of yourself k! :D and yes, i trust you're mature enough to know what's right and good.

alright, as i was saying. one week. cos just like two days after happy things happened. some really sad news got to us. 06S24! we're gonna be strong! and pull through this k! yesh! it's really really sad. to have someone so closely related to us to just leave like that. IF ONLY we take more notice of him, maybe sent him a msg on monday asking if he's alright. MAYBE all these wouldn't have happened. but... there's really nothing much we can do now. except to pray for him.

alright, had Junior Band Fest last sunday too. it was a success i must say :D considering the fact that this is FIRST time the JUNIOR band, which is SOLELY J1s performing together. played ABBA Gold, Pirates of the Carribean and Copacabana.

alright, after all these stuff. it IS time for me to really get settled down to really concentrate on studies and nothing else man. okay! let's tune to the MUGGING MODE everybody! :]