23 September 2006

speaking about clarence's BEEEEEG balloon. check this out.

is that DISNEY PRINCESS balloon big or wht? HAHA!

anyways, went to Thai Express with wan jin, gareth and fnee that day. on thursday? haha. can't rmb. but yeah.

oh, check out the poor soft shell crab that sacrificed itself while waiting for its shell to grow out

anyway, poor Alvan, okay actually it wasn't really POOR thing. it was more like an honour. haha, cos our dear friend Alvan, represented the WHOLE CJ to collect the Team Colours Award yesterday. awwww. and he actually plucked roses for us. haha. awww, how sweet of him. :) thank you dear! haha.

awww, and yesh! we went to Carl's Junior today with our Juniors! haha! alright, anyway, we had fun! :D LAUGHED at eeshan's amusement powers. or rather her amusing way of being amused. and laughed at Clovie Peck's SLOWNESS. HAHAHA! but yeah. without all these little things, life will be damn boring. haha!

and, YESH LAZY LIM HUI FEN! don't worry k! cos i'll ALWAYS be there for you. no matter how you PMS, treat me, etc. haha! yupp! cos there's OUGHT to be someone like that. if not who do you turn to after EVERYBODY else turn to you? haha! but PLS take care of yourself k. don't PUSH yourself to the limit. really! take a rest if you really feel like you can't take it anymore. and if you really can't take it anymore, just tell the world to give you a break. and take a break from your brain-taxing job. :D and just Count On ME :D leave all those things till after promos.

and alrighties, nights nights!