13 September 2006

thank you thank you ms suzie for the

sorry for being so mean and judgemental towards you. anyway, i believe EVERYONE is nice :D

alright, lemme show off what my dearest classmates got for me :D

thank you thank you S24! actually it's clar who chose a sleepy pooh bear. haha! cos i'm ALWAYS hibernating in class. HAHA. well, i'll TRY to NOT hibernate so much :)

anyways, just came back from Learning Journey. haha. went with BAND instead of the class. but i'm quite glad. cos got to miss H1 geog tutorial and our venue was filled with more interesting stuff. haha! went to Urban Redevelopment Authority. met weihao, sichen's bf. haha! i tell you the world is really VERY small. haha! or rather Singapore is SERIOUSLY damn small. haha!