27 October 2006

the OFFICIAL last day of school today! :D yay! but stupidly, we still had math lect and supposedly econs lect :X oops. HAHA. how about Mr Liang msged me at like 1145 said "where's your class? lecture at CC now." i replied "huh? what lecture? my class left long ago." and guess wht he replied? "Well done." HAHA! (i think he gave up on us) so i replied "Thank you." HAHAHHA

anyway, went to Marina Square. ate at Long John. then went to bowl. okay, more like watch the guys bowl. haha, not as hilarious as last time. but still had fun. then fernie came! =] hahaha, but too bad i gotta go back to school for band prac :S but anyways, here is a photo of shimah, kylie, sylvia and i in the marina square toilet :D

oh, and on our way there gretel and junxiang agreed to exchange bags with me and clar respectively. HA! seriously speaking, i think gretel really suits tote bag. HAHA. like mine :D WHEEE! look!

anyway, shouldn't have went back to school. was caught in the BLOODY heavy rain. :X and conductor also never come! arghh! they last minute changed it to TMR. but too bad. i can't go tmr. HA!

had a major good time laughing tonight. train abs :D thanks to tanky and lynette. HAHAHA! major cheaterbugs! HAHAHA. but it's good lah. good workout. HA!!!

anyway, gotta goooooo. :( late.