10 October 2006

promos are over! that's one happy thing. but getting back results is another. haha. but well, i'm think i didn't score well. but should be able to promote. =) so yeah.

anyway, talk about happy moments. went TANNING in the SMOKE on saturday with clar, yi and fernie! hahaha. it was rather hopeless. we were trying to play mahjong and cards at the beach, well, it was tough. but yeah. HAHA. we DID it. had fun and laughter! awwww, poor cuis didn't go with us cos her promos only end this week. oh well, don't wry cuis! we'll go again! :D haha. anyway, then went to PS to have dinner! kimchi omelette! :)

Sunday, had S24 class outing! :D went to marina south. haha, played arcade. YEAH MAN! i beat all of them flat in Hyper Bishi Bashi. then i tried to play the fighting game but i lost, AWWWW. hahah! then we watched the guys play daytona. and i bet that leonard will win! AWWWW, at first it was a draw in the first round cos clar and sylvia bet hoyun will win but darryl won. so yeah, we drew. then second round! DING DING DING! this time they bet clarence will win, but AWWWW too bad. leonard still beat him. HAHA. yay! and because of that i'm gonna get two free milo drinks from clarence! hahaha! thanks leonard! hahaha. after arcade we head down to the bowling alley for a GOOD LAUGH. hahaha! it was hilarious watching the guys play bowling. as in seriously PLAY. hahaha, things like darryl bowling backwards, and clarence following suit, but a rather different outcome! HAHA!

after a good workout for our stomach of cause we head down to fill our empty stomach with yummy steamboat food! haha, it was a good deal cos the auntie there is jinyu's godma. so our meal like's $10 each? haha, after dinner we stroll down to the riverside. took photos, shared ghost stories... haha, then head back home. awwwww, cos we have school the next day.

oh anyway, SAJC Openhouse is THIS SATURDAY!

St Andrews Junior College
14 October 2006
walk-able from Potong Pasir MRT

do come down and check us out! haha!

anyways, today is Project Work day. so we do nothing but Project Work only. and tomorrow is Amazing Race. WOW. how exciting. HAHA. okayys, shall go off for PW :\