19 October 2006

PW really spells the end of the world! actually i'm on MC, but had to go to school early this morning JUST for PW. but at least i'm home now! :D and i've finished my part! waitin for the rest to finish theirs then send to me and i'll do the organisation and stuff. :)

anyway, yesterday was the FIRST time in my entire school life that i left school early. it was REALLY early. left after one hour of econs lect. cos i really couldn't take it. my WHOLE nose was blocked, and had TERRIBLE sorethroat. so took green slip and went home. hibernated like a polar bear until lunchtime. HAHA! then watched Sesame Street, dozed off, woke up to see doctor. Took some pills from the doctor then went into hibernation mode till dinner time. which was 7pm. bathed, ate, then went online to do PW. :X TANKY-ou tanky for trying to help. HAHA, cos i was really qte pekchek yesterday. cos was not feelin very well. but thanks to my group members and tanky i manage to finish it by 1am :) haha.

alright, today like 8 people were absent from school. namely, Clar, Shimah, Darryl, Clarence, Zhengjie, Jeremy, Kenneth and i went home early. haha! great. then only three people went for Econs lect, Mr Liang msged me to report to him all those who didn't go for lect, but after i replied i'm not in school he didnt reply me. so :\

HAHA! anyway, tmr is friday alr! :D haha. though this weekend will be rather busy. with all the Oral Presentation (OP) and PW going on. and trixie's birthday this saturday! haha, still don't know the plans yet :X

oh, last sunday was Vivo City with Yi, Cuis and Fernie. HAHA. had lotsa fun! check out the album through fernie's blog or praadta blog :D

hmmmm, alright. i think i should go rest now :D my well-deserved rest!