22 October 2006

swam at gareth's today. haha! it was a SUPER last minute thing. cos fernie dear msged me while i was in church at 11+ asked if i wna swim since she's very free today. so i agreed. however, the weather turned really bad when we arrived at gareth's house. there was sudden showers. HAHA. thankgoodness it was shortlived =] then Mr Sun came out. haha! stupid uncle security guard shouted at us cos he didnt know the rain had stopped. HA! anyways, we had fun still! yippee! took lotsa photos!

Bright and Sunny!

anyway, then went to Potong Pasir to meet my group members to do PW. who knows when we got there they changed their mind and decided to go the Chuanyang's house. but fernie and i went to eat first. haha, then joined them at his house. PW was rather fun. haha, watched Jay Chou's concert while doing. HAHA, are we SLACK or wht? then went to Gelare at Hougang Mall and Pam came and join us :D WHEEEE! RUM&RASIN!

fnee, pam and i opening our eyes big and wide!

spent yesterday with the rojaks! haha, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TRIXIE! you're not one year older! wheee!! haha, so we had a stayover at tong's on friday night. then saturday went shopping then went to trix's hse for BBQ! hehe. ate like a pig i tell you! gosh! yesterday was the FIRST time i really barbequed. hahaha! quite fun! :D should have more gatherings like this!

we had a FUN time waitin for CCA to start on friday. these were some things why it was FUNny.

scandalous! aiyoooo!!

and laughing at Casper's is it MEAL or FEMEAL? hahahahha!

well, had a rather relaxing time on friday. had the FINALS of MRL Current Affairs Quiz. haha! watched some rather exciting competition between some exciting people. HA!

alrighties, it's PW time again! :X