14 October 2006

today is SAJC openhouse! haha, SAJC band had three timeslots of performance. alright, performances were just ALRIGHT. not excellent. but yeah, we had fun :D and yes, even though we got scolded this morning :X nvm, :] haha, had an hour break in between the second and third performance. spent it playing board games with tanky. haha! he koped the mini multiple board games set from the councillors. haha! played chinese checkers, checkers, tic-tac-toe and fei1 ji1 qi2. haha, trashed him FLAT in chinese checkers! haha, he won more tic-tac-toe games though. and we drew for checkers! haha! cos i JUST learnt it today. haha.

anyway, yesterday ended school at 1215, while waiting for CCA to start, some of our classmates were just chilling in the cafe. haha, doodling on rachel's foolscap. check out their work of art :)

all these were drawn by darryl, chuanyang and casper.

this is supposedly Clarence. drawn by Darryl. haha, distinguished by the HIGH forehead. haha! don't know why clarence is a duck though.

this is a crocodile, drawn by Chuanyang.

this is Darryl's well-known elephant. haha! this is like the best thing he can draw. haha!

this supposedly a gorilla, drawn by Casper. he said he drew it according to Leonard. HAHA! well, i must compliment him for the slight resemblance. haha!

oh and yesterday we had TWO hours of PW lecture, so bored me tried doing weird stuff. like wearing tanky's ULTRA big and cushioned shoes. haha!

it's REALLY big know! so big until tanky himself can jump off and leave his shoes at the original spot. HAHA!

yeah man. all these small things make our life slightly more intersting! :D

tmr's praAdta outing! :D yay! can't wait! hahaha. also WHEEE-DAY! haha, oh man. miss those WHEEE-DAYS. haha, when we bring our a soft top everyweek. and tmr we're suppose to dress the same colour as our soft toys. HAHA.

alright, shall anticipate it with eggcitement! haha, yeah man. but for now gotta dampen my moods with F-ing PW! :\

and the SICKENING haze. :X