03 November 2006

havn't been online for really long cos net was down after they moved my com to my new room. and YES! have i mentioned? i have OFFICIALLY moved to MY own NEW ROOM! :DDDDD wheeee! applause pls! hahaha! anyway, tomorrow's my brother's wedding! :D another VERY exciting thing! :) wish him HAPPINESS! and yeah, i'm excited cos get to dress up, receive hongbaos and can't wait to see all my friends! hahah!

anyway, caught The Covenant at PS with fernie, pam and rebecca yesterday. OOOOOH, the guy's DAMN CUTE AND HOT! :DD

anyway, while i was on my way to violin lesson after band prac today. was on the phone with clar. and GUESS WHT was she doing? HAHA. checking out celebrities look-alikes. HAHA! simply submitting photos of the person you want to find the celebrity who looks like tht person. so here are the results. HA! i must certainly say we're ALL damn jealous of Leonard Lynette! all his her matches are all the damn HOT babes! seriously! just check this out!
Jie Mei

JUST LOOK AT THEM! HAHAHA! it's hilarious!

anyway, gotta do some stuff.