30 November 2006

these few days have been band band band all the time :X but band is made interesting cos we have things like section lunches =) where we go out as a section, talked, laughed, have fun over lunch :DD went Crystal Jade Kitchen yesterday with the perkies including Augustine, our DSA student from St. Pats. but Jarrald couldn't join him cos he had to go home to receive his refrigerator. HAHA! anyway, it was fun! spent like $9 on frog legs :DD but it was REALLY good.

had band today too, then went shopping with Clar. yay! she got her shades and belt! :DD ate at Pepper Lunch WOOHOOO! finally curb our cravings after sooo long. and tmr clar's gna curb her craving for jap food for the past two weeks. cos S24 is having a class lunch at some sushi buffet place in cine. haha, well, i think not even half the class is going :X haha, but it's alright. and following that i'll be going all the way to changi for Band Chalet. haha! which will last till friday.

anyway, Fernie and the Kids are leaving for Tanjong Balai tomorrow morning! so BON VAYAGE! to you all! and remember to have fun!!!! :DDDD what a pity i can't go with them this year. nvm, shall wait for next year! :)

alright, now it's time for me to rest wheeeeee!