24 November 2006

today is a very special day! :D today is the very first time St Nicks Strings have their own concert, but not exactly OWN, more like joint affair with Hwa Chong Institution Strings. the concert was held in HCI of cos. started off a little shaky, but got more stable and it ended very well! with the two conductors, Mr Chans performed a piece by a hungarian composer.

oh man, ever since that day Mr Glosz (SAJC band conductor) showed us the video of an orchestral version of Rhapsody, our SYF piece. after i show the string section played, oh goshhhhh. that feeling was overwhelming. i realised i really miss strings!!!!!!!!!!! all the times we spend on tuesday and friday afternoons. the jokes that Mr Chan Wei Shing used to tell us. the funny things that happen in SSO, the way he conducts, all the "carrot" we must have in our music. hahaha! it's all these little things that matters. awwwww, now i will only wish there's SN alumni strings. haha! but it will be really not easy to start. cos need $$$ and finding a conductor, admin blah blah.

anyway, met quite a lot of people. seniors, juniors. haha! awwwwww! had dinner with Siumin, Deborah, Anqing. then met Felicia Yeo, Joy and Valerie Ng at the busstop. haha! i tell you! we had abit of a difficulty trying to locate which busstop to alight. cos there's like THREE? haha, or is it more? HAHAHAHA. that is SERIOUSLY how friggin big HC is. hahahahha! anyway, went in, met Charlotte and Carol and all my Grey Badgers, namely Rachel, Sarah, Heather, Farrica(sry if i misspelt your name), Zixin, and sry if forgot anyone else.

anyway, went for supper with Ms Yeo at Adam Rd food centre. hahah! had spicy BBQ stingray and WOOHOO! it's DAMN gd. hahahaha. if only we can stay longer. hai, but nvm! must rmb our date on 22 Dec k! and our Phantom of the Opera date! :P

anyway, caught Happy Feet yesterday with Carol Jie Jie and Gabriel at Marina Square. after lunching at New York New York. hmmmm, the food there's certainly good. but too bad i was running a flu, so couldn't really taste the food. haha, nevertheless, THANKS carol jie jie for the meal and the movie! :D happy feet is REALLY adorable k! hahahah, we were squealing like no one's business in the theatre while he tapped his feet to happiness. HAHA!

anyway, went for violin lesson after that. and following that went back to carol jie jie's house for dinner. watched About a Boy, talked by girl things, looked through 8days magazine and grabbed Elvin Ng's pics and write-up. and not forgetting my ever hottest Channing Tatum!

anyway, it's time for me to hibernate :D