11 November 2006

today was band prac in the morning. okay, more like sectionals with our dearest VERY alumni GANESH. hahaha. well, i must say sectionals was fruitful =) wheeee! then met up with ah yi for Kinokuniya and Singtel Fair at Suntec Convention Centre. WOAH! i must say, Singapore really has NTH but PEOPLE and MORE PEOPLE.

just sitting at Orchard MRT you can REALLY experience this NON-STOP flow of human traffic. GOSH.

anyway, ah yi got her broadband subsciption at the suntec fair. got her modem. and both of us got excited! haha, cos i got a bluetooth headset from the lucky dip there. HA! my first time being so lucky =] hahaha. BUT, when we went all the way to her house to help her fix. we realised we dont have the singnet password :X and it was past office hours :S so no choice. we gotta put her internet on hold :\\\

but anyway, i'm still happy! :D cos i got mine!! and now i'm gna NARUTO all the way!!!! :DDDD