13 November 2006

vivocity today with fernie, clar, wan jin and eeshan =) CONGRRATS to fernie, eeshan and clar for getting their job :D yeah! i'll visit vivo more often if i'm free.

anyway, the news is we caught Step Up today! and GOSH! i was MELTING in the freezing cinema. cos Channing Tatum is simply TOO HOT to resist! :DDDD

too bad he's bisexual :((((( but it's alright you knw. at least still has the GUY side. HAHA!

anyway, i just received a piece of EXTREMELY bad news. GST has just been increased to 7%!!! what is the NANCING problem man? ARGH :\

like what clar say, next time there will be this price war between service charge and GST. and one day it'll be 100%! GOSH. JUST KILL ME when that day comes.