20 November 2006

well well, it has been quite some time since i last blogged. anyway, cos nth much happening in my life. other than band, violin, band, music. and repeats. well, this wednesday is the Tune-in of SAJC concert band :D hope it'll be fun. i mean, fun for the J1s-to-be. haha, hopefully my station's games will turn out fine :) fun i mean. and hopefully they will enjoy the music that we bring to them too!

alright, other than i've been naruto-ing and deathnote-ing recently. finally finished the whole manga series of deathnote! oh gosh! i hereby strongly encourage all the read the manga of deathnote! cos it's really good! damn exciting! especially the last book! woohoo! but unfortunately, to many people's dismay, L died in the seventh book! :( anyway, i'm catching up on naruto too cos stopped for a whole year for Os last year :X so i was really behind time. but now that i have my broadband i'm chionging youtube everyday! haha. alrighty, then i shall get back to my show :D