26 December 2006

Christmas Eve
woke up late because i went for sunset mass on saturday.
went online, wrote cards.
bathed, went Vivo City to meet Fernie, Ree, Dickson, Eeshan, Alvan.
brought Fernie and Ree to Carol Jie Jie's house.
we ate our fill.
Iggy and Andrew came to join us at 10+pm.
They ate their fill too. (haha!)
Dad drove us to Holy Trinity Church to meet up with the rest, who consists of Denise, Clovie, Donavan, Dickson, Edmund, Wan Jin, Benjamin.
attended midnight mass. i must say Holy Trinity's atmosphere is definitely livelier than Nativity. Nativity is sort of more traditional.
after mass we intended to walk to Denise's house, but after we reached Tampines MRT, we realised we do not want to have supper. So Fernie, Eeshan, Donavan and I took a cab back bcos my feet was aching like hell.
rested at Denn's house. played with Rusty, which Iggy will insist he's called BerBer. HAHA!
while waiting for the rest to WALK back, Fernie and Eeshan were having fun wearing everybody else's clothes. started off with Fernie wearing my dress then Eeshan wore Fernie's. then, Fernie wore dickson's clothes while Eeshan wore my dress, then Eeshan tried Dickson's! haha, it was quite hilarious. i was just too lazy to join in the fun so just took photos for them.
after a while, Alvan came to join us. and subsequently, the rest all came back. and we had the gifts-exchange :D
played Bridge, ate cookies baked by Donavan, watched Liang Po Po, and halfway i fell asleep...

Christmas Day
woke up at Denn's, talked, ate peanut butter cookies, watched Benchwarmers.
the rest woke up, went to have lunch at KFC at East Point.
took train to Tampines to take bus 72 to my house.
played mahjong with Benjamin, Dickson, Eeshan, then came Donavan who came to advise me. then he finally couldn't resist the temptation he took Ben's place to play. i lost like $4.30 in the game lah! =( but nvm, thankgoodness we only played with chips. :)
Amos Junior joined us too. while they o2jammed, we mahjonged.
my Dad drove all of us to Carol Jie Jie's house for dinner. we went sandwiched like some sardine in the car, but thankgoodness it was only a short ride.
ate our fill again. had homemade pasta, chickenwings, nuggets, lotsa tidbits, some bacardi and nite, played Bridge, Dai Dee, Memory Mahjong.
went home at almost 11pm.

Boxing Day
woke up at 12pm :)
ate brunch, came online :)
opened all my presents last night, so nothing much to open today. haha!
shall practise violin later.
not planning to go out today :) shall stay home to be a good girl :DDD

alright, nice christmas this year! the only thing is... it can't seem to stop raining. :( but nevertheless, i had a fun and joyful christmas thanks to all my dearest friends and juniors :) domo arigato gozaimasu! which means thank you very much! :D