23 December 2006

had a praAdta gathering at my house on thursday night :D met up with my darhlings, Clar, Yi and Cuis :) even though it wasn't a very long gathering, we still had fun :DD watched Brother Bear with 3 of them. then cuis and yi left. so left clar and i to watch Kungfu Hustle. that cuis arh, always so deprived of childhood. haha, didn't even catch Brother Bear while i watched if for the fourth time or sth. haha! but nevertheless, she enjoyed it! :DD and haha, too bad i fell asleep while watching kungfu hustle. cos i was really too tired. :S after going back to school EVERYDAY except monday for this week :\

anyway, here are some of the fun stuff we did. haha!

band had an exchange with SMU today. WOW! i tell you, SMU is FREAKING COOL! they're like DAMN high tech. take lift also must tap card. and they have the mrt like entry thing! hahaha. and underpass like MRT! haha, but too bad, i've never thought of going to SMU. so yeah. but it's definitely cool.

oh, anyway, yesterday Bestie got me a bear from Build A Bear! she's called Cuddles! she's really adorable! and yesssss! THANK YOU DEAR for that christmas present! and lotsa of other people who gave me cards and presents too :)

anyway, tomorrow's christmas eve already. so now i would like to wish everyone a early MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!