03 December 2006

had Suki Sushi with Clar, Gretel, Jun on thursday. it was SUPPOSE to be a class outing you see. HAI.

after eating our fill, i went home. bathed, changed, picked sylvia up and went all the way to Aloha Changi for Band Chalet. spent the night, playing Xbox, bitching, eating, playing cards, playing animanal game, playing some decorate the gingerbread man game. :X haha! but the most fun part was when we left in Mychelle's dad's cab for the airport at 0530 so that we can grab a bite then take the earliest bus home to SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP LIKE A PIG :DDD

and yes, after warming ourselves up in the freezing cold airport with a hot cup of milo, we took bus home. i slept THROUGH the entire ride of bus 27. only woke up when it almost reached hougang interchange. then changed bus 74 hm. then SLPT till 1430. woke up, went to Orchard MRT to collect fernie's underwater camera. woah, if not for that i would have continued sleeping i tell you!

came home, had dinner, read harry potter, fell asleep while reading, bathed, watched tv, slept till 0630 today. haha!

if not for our "CIP" i wouldn't even wake up that early. :\

reached school at 8, waited for the grand arrivals of our guests-of-honour. haha! our dearest SAJS kids. goshh! i tell you they can SURELY be rascals man. almost vomited bloody while teaching them today! firstly, their concentration span is seriously VERY SHORT. they can just suddenly run off to somewhere else when you're explaining something to them. secondly, they're quite disastrous. Ee Ter sort of broke our temple block mallet; Eric and Shen Hao keeps running around and start banging on ALL our percussion instruments. :X though that will be ALL of them who did it. Razsmy is the guai-est in my section already. bcos he only sits there to play the drumset. and not run around like some monkey.

but all in all, this is a good experience. it made me appreciate SAJC band even more. and it taught me something quite valuable; which is how difficult it is to be a mother, let alone a GOOD mother. and also i'll NEVER become a teacher in a Primary Boys' school. haha!

anyway, i gotta go. gotta rest well before i shang4 lu4 on monday. haha. and btw,

HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY Chuan Yang!