15 December 2006

i had a VERY busy but fruitful week =) so far, i've been busy with class and band :DDD

Monday - Wednesday (morning)
Class chalet at NSRCC
it was really quite fun. though we spent most of our time indoors, playing mahjong, Xbox, card games, eating, talking, slacking. haha! i won like 80cents from mahjong over the two days. haha! swam on the 2nd day morning. got a nice tan :DDD swam with sylvia and yilyn. then came back, slacked, mahjong-ed. until evening time. Mr Fong, Ms Faizah, Ms Suzie, Mr Quek and his gf came for the BBQ. BBQ started quite late thanks to the rain. but nevertheless, it was a success. food was GREAT! haha, though we had lotsa leftover. that night we played silent heartattack. haha! but the most fun thing about it was chasing leonard around the WHOLE bungalow. HAHA! clar and i literally CORNERED him. and "forced" him to play with us. cos the forfeit was to be drawn on the face with lipstick. haha! you should have seen his face. HAHA. million-dollar face. anyway, it wsa quite a tiring job chasing he, darryl and gabriel around. haha! anyway, clar came back from australia that night at like 12am? haha, while i was halfway through mahjong with rachel, yuting and yilyn. haha. then she came and joined us. :) anyway, stayed up till very late those few nights. next day left at 10 cos of band CIP in the evening :S

went home, slept from 1-245pm then bathed, went out. band CIP was rather slack. haha! cos my section had a REALLY long dinner at MOS burger at Toa Payoh. haha. SIMPLY too tired to flag. so yeah, flaged for i think half an hour. went to have dinner at about 6+pm. ate and talked till 2030 then flagged till 2045 and headed back to Somerset MRT. haha. :D

then waited for like half an hour for my dad to come fetch me to YCS campsite :X my legs were like dying. finally came at 2150, reached at 2220. wan hui ended by the time i reached there :( nvm. went out for supper with fernie bestie, alvan and gareth :D had punggol nasi lemak :) it was great! then slowly walked back to the campsite after buying stuff from cheers. then spent the reflection time at the dinning area talking cock and playing card games. haha!

slept at the function hall at about 4+. GOSH! was totally freezing under my towel. haha. but went back to the girls' dorm at 7+. thankgoodness. well, anyway, i should say this is the SLACKEST YCS camp i've EVER been to. haha. i didn't even attend any spiritual sessions or anyway sessions. haha! slept through the afternoon on thursday. only woke up just in time for the last sing-a-long song and photo taking :DDD wheee! hahaha. but i don't regret going for the camp lah. even though it's only for such a short while. and i didn't really learn much from it. besides the "i tell you something." HAHA!

went Chomp Chomp at night for dinner with the kids, bestie, wan jin, ree and many many others. haha, saw Jonathan Leong!!! haha. but i couldn't stay too late :X cos there's Band Workshop today :\

woke up at 7am just to go school. workshop was :X ended like 1hr plus late. was TOTALLY late for our combined section outing. haha. made SPS wait for like damn long. then took DAMN long to decide where to eat. GOSH! guys are even worse than girls can? finally decided to eat at Seoul Garden cos most people were starving! i tell you, the st pats were totally amazed at the size our SAINTS' appetite. haha, especially Moses'! hahaha! anyway, went bowling after that. haha! thanks to moses, i bowled for free! haha, at first i was pretty lucky. striked twice in a row! but after dominic touched my 8pounds ball all my luck were gone =( hahaha! but it's alright. we still had fun. then we took photos, went home. while some of them went to have dinner! oh gosh! i just can't squeeze anymore food in lah! hahha! anyway, i think i gotta hurry go write my christmas cards! tata!