30 December 2006

just had a percussion stayover at jasmine's house yesterday. and also a Goh YauYau outing. Which turned out to be praadta minus jean plus sylvia and melody :( cos jean couldn't come back yesterday. :((((

anyway, totally love the girls! missed those times we had in St Nicks. spent our night eating, laughing, bitching, and talking. and doing fun stuff like these

thank you praadta for being there! and thanks for all the fun times we had! so sad the full Goh YauYau couldn't come. but it's alright! we have plenty of chances next time! so yeah!

anyway, after eating at pizzahut, we went for a little snack shopping. then i went back to jasmine's house.

WOW! yesterday was my FIRST time ever SHOPPING and PREPARING bbq food. cos when i was MUCH younger you just got to go to a BBQ party to EAT. then when you're a little older you help BARBEQUE the food. now you gotta shop and marinate the food too. but i sure had fun tearing aluminium foil :D i've become a pro at it okay! even though they still crown me the tai-tai. cos while everybody were waiting for the chicken wings and fish fillet to taw, i went to sit on the massage chair. haha! but anyways, i helped out okay. even though i didn't eat the bbq food. but i still got to eat the stingray, chicken wings and sotong today :D after we woke up at like 11+? haha! actually we slept relatively early this stayover compared to other stayovers cos we couldn't play mahjong! :( and we've got NO bridge! :( but nevertheless, we had unlimited among of entertainment brought by my new brother, Dominic Goh. he totally cracked us up with his lameness and clumsiness. HA! and suddenly at 3am, we were all feeling hungry so Becca and I started snacking on all the titbits Jas bought from Malaysia. haha! then talked a little more, then ZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

anyway, can't wait for Deathnote2 later! meeting Fernie, Desiree, Alvan, Gareth, Dickson, Clovie, Donavan and Edmund for the show at cine later. :DDDD okay, now i better go rest.