09 December 2006

WOW! i just woke up at 10pm. slept from 3-10pm. cos i just came back from torture camp man. HAHA actually it was band camp. but TRUST ME. it's just as bad. carrying timpanis, marimba, xylophone, vibraphone, auxiliary instruments, drumset and a almost 40kg luggage from SAJC to SAS band room, to SAS hall, back to SAJC bandroom, then SAJC hall is sure NO EASY feat. :S now i have like at least TWENTY freaking blue-blacks on all my limbs. :X hai, i looked like i have been ill-treated in the past six days can?

anyway, thanks to the percussionists, i managed to survive through this. :D all thanks to small things like these

some cow known as ganesh came on quite a few days to help us out here and there. give us tips and also to kajiao us. haha! this cow is like one of the oldest alumni member you can find in SAJC band. who still hangs around SAJC band. and doesn't fail to pop by to check on our practice. haha! and SAJC percussionist absolutely loves this cow who will drive us out to Macs for food in the middle of the night. haha! THANK YOU GANESH! :D

this is something really interesting. the sleeping bag on the left is mine, while the one on the right is zhiqi's. haha! and OH MY, are they TWO WORLDS apart or what? haha! i think i can totally fit mine into hers? haha! all these small things really make our day. haha. and i will never forget all the jokes that we crack while carrying the OH-SO-HEAVY instruments, all the laughter we shared, the "bombings" while showering, the tribal dance we had, our "slacking" times during technical studies, our late nights stargazing and talking, BLAH BLAH BLAH. so many i can't even remember. ALL i remember is PERCUSSION rocks! okay! no matter HOW MANY obstacles stand before, UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL. okay? like what moses said, one get stabbed, everybody go get stabbed. HAHAHA!

anyway, next week is a busy week for me too. class chalet, band CIP, YCS camp, band workshop, YCS carolling. HAI. another TIRING weeek. anyways, i shall go hibernate soon.